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Chile and its Mythology

Belen Garcia, Writer November 7, 2021

Chile is a South American country with one of the most interesting mythology ever, thanks to the mix of Hindu mythology and European mythology. This variety of sources of beliefs has in some cases caused...

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Hades: The God of the Underworld

Lily Pliske, Writer January 16, 2021

Hades was trapped in his father’s stomach for years. The only light he ever saw was through his father’s open mouth. When Zeus freed him and his brothers and sisters, he wanted revenge, so he saw no...

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Greek Mythology: How the World Started

Lily Pliske, Writer December 21, 2020

Some things in life can be counted on to happen and keep happening every day. The sun will rise and set. Stars will come out in the night. Rivers will flow toward the sea, and the air and land burst with...

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Poseidon: The God of the Seas

Lily Pliske, Writer December 10, 2020

When Poseidon was born he was swallowed by his father Cronus along with his brothers and sisters, Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. Zeus though was never swallowed and freed his brothers and sisters from...

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Zeus: The God of Lightning

Lily Pliske, Writer November 16, 2020

When Zeus was young he walked the top of a mountain ridge and gazed over the highest peak. His grandmother, Gaia Mother of Earth, was there with him. She told him that he was strong enough to face his...

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Featuring Mythologies- Vulcan

Micaela Gaither, Writer February 28, 2019

  Most of us have heard of the famous Greek gods; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Some have heard of their Roman counterparts; Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Greek mythology and Roman mythology are quite similar,...

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The Egyptian Siren

Micaela Gaither, Writer February 13, 2019

  You’ve heard of the Greek sirens responsible for sinking the ships of Greek sailors. However, have you ever heard of the siren that lingers by the Nile river?  There is a new myth slowly rising...

(Hidden Realms)

Featuring Mythologies: The Chimaera

Micaela Gaither, Writer January 23, 2019

 In mythologies, there aren’t only deities, but creatures that create the stories the deities thrive in. There are creatures that are the ones responsible for your nightmares, but others that fuel...


Featuring Mythologies #6: The Worthiest

Micaela Gaither, Writer December 24, 2018

 If you are a Marvel fan, you’ve heard of Thor. However, you’ve really only heard an altered version of who Thor really is. There is a totally different side of Thor. The Thor who was worshipped...


Featuring Mythologies 5: Lord of Duality

Micaela Gaither, Writer December 11, 2018

 Before the Spanish Conquest, the Aztec Empire was strong and they had their own belief system. They built temples to honor their gods. Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca, and Xipe Totec. However,...

Featuring Mythologies Pt. 4: The Kami-Amaterasu

Featuring Mythologies Pt. 4: The Kami-Amaterasu

Micaela Gaither, Writer November 16, 2018

In Japan two major faiths are practiced, one is more heard of than the other, Buddhism and Shinto. However, Buddhism is non-theistic and focuses primarily on nature, and since this is series based upon...

Featuring Mythologies- Thoth

Featuring Mythologies- Thoth

Micaela Gaither, Writer October 9, 2018

Moving South of Greece, we have entered the country where an interesting mythology-based religion was the center of life. Egypt. Where the Pharaohs ruled and the pyramids were built. Where the worship...

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