Food Bacchanalia- Why Do Food Ads Make You Hungry?


(Little Caesars)

Madison Rich, Writer

After you watch a cheese pull ad from papa murphy’s you might want a piece of that pizza, am I right? The delicious cheese being pulled apart creating a trail of stringy goodness. Well if you don’t get hungry after watching food ads, then are you even human? But if you do get hungry you might be asking yourself why? Well a 2012 study, for example, found that just looking at pictures of food may be enough to cause an uptick in ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger. One reason may be that looking at food ads primes the brain for eating. That just sounds so crazy to me. Getting hungry because of some virtual picture coming through your screen?! Junk food ads are not the only ads that inspire an appetite. Healthy fruits and veggies can kick in the ghrelin also. As a main regulator, ghrelin controls both eating behaviour and the physical processes involved in food metabolism. ”The danger that the exposure to such images will result in the consumption of food that is not needed to maintain the body’s energy status is particularly high in our advertising-dominated society.” This was said in the article Science Daily. They explain to their readers that just looking at unhealthy foods make a crave for it and it can lead to you eating unhealthy. Some even say that just watching food related  tv ads lead to obesity. But from now on when you see a food ad think of how your body is working to make you have an appetite from a food ad!