The Effects of Hurricane Dorian


(Image via The Washington Post)

Savanah Amaya, Writer

Hurricane Dorian developed on August 24th, 2019 over the Central Atlantic and by September 1st, 2019 it hit the Bahamas, causing the death of 51 people and counting, along with the destruction of many people’s homes and lives. CBS News talks about how the hurricane reached a Category 5 intensity and how over an estimated 70,000 people lost their homes and lost connection with family. Hurricane Dorian was the most powerful tropical cyclone to strike the Bahamas. With winds as high as 185 mph, many fought to stay safe from the floods and horrific winds, and in the end, many people’s belongings and safe keepings got lost and broken, along with their memories. 

Many people tried to help get others to safety and get them the necessities they needed. A cruise ship in the Bahamas helped deliver aid and meals to the survivors after they lost it all. They made and served sandwiches and meals to the ones in need. Planes, boats, and busses have been the ways of transportation getting people to safety and getting them the food and water they need. Many communities donated and helped raise money to help the survivors. People have even flown down to help aid them and give them meals. Celebrities have even started events to help raise money for Dorian victims. 

 Trump also got involved in the news of Hurricane Dorian, making an inaccurate prediction of where the hurricane was heading. He also didn’t donate any money to help the survivors and hurricane victims although companies and organizations including Red Cross, Convoy of Hope, and The One Bahamas Fund have been helping collect resources and money for the hurricane victims. Charities have been helping raise money to aid the survivors. People have been donating things from money to regular household items. 

Hurricane Dorian made a big impact on the Bahamas. In USA Today it says about an estimated 13,000 homes on Abacos and Grand Bahama suffered damage or were overall destroyed. More than two feet of rain fell, flooding the islands. Trees, plants, and everything in the way of the hurricane’s path was demolished. Even telephone lines and signs on the side of the road crashed down. Buildings and homes got lifted into the flooding waters and swept away. Many people’s lives were changed and many lives were lost. Many people lost loved ones and family members too. 

In good light, many families were reconnected and reunited when being saved. People are getting back the resources they once lost and are being able to get to shelter. Washington Post talks about the many people and organizations that are volunteering to help clean the debris and are planning to rebuild houses in the Bahamas. Houses and buildings may be rebuilt but it won’t rebuild the memories people had built. With the help of many people can get the things they need to take care of themselves and their families. Although Hurricane Dorian has ended, people are still dealing with the after effect from the horrific natural disaster.