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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

Super Bowl 58 Recap

Erik Daniel Drost

Super Bowl 58 was one of the most entertaining Super Bowls to watch in recent history. This was the first Super Bowl to go into overtime since 2017 and this game was nothing short of amazing to watch. This was a hard-fought game and both teams showed out and left no doubt as to why both of them made it to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs started the first half looking rough, going into halftime with only 3 points and getting dominated by the strong heavy-hitting 49ers defense. They made it to the redzone a couple of times in the first half but couldn’t get it done due to turnovers, and the 49ers defense causing them to kick a field goal.

The first half for the 49ers defense was nothing short of perfect. They held the best offense in the league to just 3 points in the first half while forcing a turnover when they were in the redzone. On offense Christian McCaffrey was the MVP, he was running through the Chiefs’ defense as if they were practice squad players. In this game, McCaffrey had 22 carries and 8 pass completions for a combined total of 160 yards and 1 touchdown in this game. Brock Purdy didn’t perform his best that we’ve seen giving the media questions on how much that game will affect his future contract offers considering he’s still on his rookie contract.

Going into the half the 49ers held a lead of 10-3. The halftime show had Usher and Alicia Keys and was perfect for anyone who likes an upbeat performance on stage while listening to some fan-favorite nostalgic songs from their youth.

The second half of this game was electric on the offensive side of the ball. Both teams held multiple drives that resulted in points. Mahomes turned it on at this point in the game too. Twitter reporters were starting to question his performance at the half, but he delivered when he needed that’s for sure. The Chiefs got the ball down 16-19 with 1:37 left in the 4th quarter. Usually, NFL fans would fear they have no chance to come back. However, the Chiefs are no stranger to a 2-minute drill. Mahomes led them down the field to tie the game with a 29-yard field goal made by Harrison Butker. This led to the first overtime since 2017 where Tom Brady and the Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit at halftime to the Atlanta Falcons and ended up winning the game in overtime.

The 49ers got the ball first and elected to receive it, they then drove down the field with relative ease. However, while their effort to push down the field was enough to gain yards, it wasn’t enough to score a touchdown. They settled for a field goal made by the rookie Jake Moody that put them ahead by 3 in overtime. This led to the Chiefs again having to make a drive to save the game because if they didn’t score on this possession the game would be over. Of course, you can never count out Mahomes, as he led his team all the way to the 5-yard line with the clock running at 13 seconds left. Many questioned the decision to run another play because if they didn’t score they may have not had enough time to run another one but with 3 seconds left in the game Mahomes dumped off a 3-yard checkdown that led to Mecole Hardman getting into the endzone and winning the game for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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