What If Technology Never Existed?

(Image via Datamation)

(Image via Datamation)

Oscar Santiago Lucero, Writer

A world without technology would be very stressful, and without the technology that exists, we would have many problems that we don’t have today. There would be no social media, no devices, and many other things that could change the way we live, but some of those changes could be beneficial to our lives. However, it would not be better if we never had technology in today’s world.

Without technology there would be no social media, which could mean needing to look for a new job or hobby, saving time, and having less anxiety. Not having social media would benefit many of us because we would start doing other things with our lives instead of being on Instagram or Twitter, etc. The average person spends 144 minutes on social media, which is 2.4 hours. That is a lot of time that could be used for more productive things. Additionally, if social media didn’t exist due to technology not existing, people’s anxiety would decrease by a lot. Social media causes around 20% of the population anxiety, which is a lot. 

Another thing that would happen if technology never existed is that we would lack the ability to instantly communicate with our families or friends that live far away. We wouldn’t be able to communicate with people we want to communicate with. 4.78 billion people have used communication such as text, phone calls, and emails, but without technology, that wouldn’t be possible. Another reason why we need communication is that we can aware of the safety of our friends and family and keep up to date with other things going on in their lives.

Technology is very important when it comes to education because the way we learn is sometimes with technology, such as google classroom, Zoom calls, facetime, and videos. Without technology, we wouldn’t be able to access online courses to learn many things, such as investment or how to become an entrepreneur. We also wouldn’t be able to do research online. Over 6 million students were taking online classes before this pandemic happened, and 54% of students take online classes part-time. Online classes can help people who do not have the money to rent an apartment, pay bills, or that can’t move out. They also help people that are unable to join a class in person because they don’t have time or because they’re somewhere else around the world. Another reason why taking online courses is very important is that some people make a living by giving tips on how to become an entrepreneur or how to make investments. Many people invest money, for example, the top 10% of Americans own an average of $900,000 on stock markets. Without the technology that we have today, the stock market wouldn’t exist. 

In conclusion, if we never had technology, the world would be drastically different because we live in a world where technology is one of our most important tools. Jobs that are super culturally relevant today, like being a Youtuber or a social media influencer, wouldn’t exist. We use technology in almost every part of our life; we use it in our free time, to shop, for school, and work, and life as we know it would be fundamentally different without the technology we have today.