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June 13, 2024
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June 12, 2024

Surrealism’s Influence In Art


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You’ve most likely seen surreal art, it comes in all shapes and canvases. Like the image above. Some, you may not even tell it’s surreal art, but it definitely is. The main patterns that surreal art has is its weirdness, chaoticness, and unnerving atmosphere. Surreal art can have messages that are represented in the recurring paintings, mainly making use of juxtaposition. It can also be shown in different media like films, paintings, writing, and photography. Most surreal art is strange and eye-provoking and It has a unique style that is still done to this very day.

Surrealism art was founded in 1924, by Andre Breton in Paris. Not only did he establish what surrealism was, but he was also a writer. Breton described surreal art as ”psychic automatism in its pure state, by which one proposes to express…the actual functioning of thought…in the absence of any control exercised by any reason, exempt from any aesthetic or moral concern” which perfectly describes the feeling and aesthetic it is conveying, a piece of art that comes from your mind. He also created a movement revolving around Anti-War at the end of WW1. This movement circled around political ideas and even made lots of issues in newspapers about the revolution near the year 1920-1950. Surreal art is also represented in writing too, given the fact, that Andre wrote a book called The Surreal Manifesto, where Andre writes about the Surrealism movement, and its journey through being a movement that represents, not only realism but also dream-like art. 

 Surreal art has had a big influence on other genres of art, and even is the reason other genres exist! Some genres that were influenced by surrealism are fantastic art, postmodern art, and abstract expressionism.

Surreal art, furthermore, is my favorite category of art. Its strangeness and creativity really make you wonder what some of these paintings in the media mean, as though they are trying to convey a message. The way surreal art also pops out compared to other pieces of art, with its over-exaggerated size and shapes, but also with some realism. Most pieces have a slice of realism mixed with strange abnormal proportions. My favorite thing about surrealism is the familiarity with its style. It’s found to be very familiar because it takes things from the real world and it gives it a colorful way to display concepts with over-exaggerated objects, characters, and sceneries. Surreal art is also represented in writing too, given the fact Breton had written a book, as earlier said. Not only about the topic being discussed in literature writing makes it Surreal related but also the usage of surrealism being used in a pieces of storytelling.

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Gyselle Nieto is a 10th-grade student who goes to Forest Grove High School. She loves drawing, listening to music, and playing video games. She also has two guinea pigs; named Rosie and Oreo. Her goal after high school is to create comics or make an animation.

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