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Album Of The Year Race: Who’s Coming Out On Top


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Many great albums have come out this year. Utopia by Travis Scott, For All the Dogs by Drake, Set It Off by Offset, Pink Tape by Lil Uzi Vert, and many more. With all of these great albums coming out it is difficult to decide which one should earn the very prestigious award of Album of the Year, but there is some clear evidence on which ones will be near the top. 

The first album I am going to go over is Utopia by Travis Scott. This long-awaited project had very high expectations for making us wait almost five years for the release after seeing leaks for it back in 2018 after he released Astroworld. This album although, was not one to disappoint. This album had many great features, some of the best coming from Playboy Carti with his appearance on the track FE!N and Teezo Touchdown on Modern Jam. This album is just very complete and very easy to re-listen to and has very few skips if any.

Drake also recently dropped his album For All the Dogs. This album was also very long-awaited as it was delayed multiple times before he finally dropped it earlier this fall. There are many good tracks on this album such as IDGAF (feat. Yeat), and 8 AM in Charlotte. The downside to this album, a common issue with these new albums Drake has been releasing, is that it is very long. This leads to it being very hard to replay and can make the songs start to get boring and repetitive. Even with the album being 23 songs long, it is a very solid album and has many good tracks. 

Pink Tape by Lil Uzi is another album that dropped earlier this year in the summer. This album is a very experimental album for Uzi and has many tastes in other genres that he might be testing the waters in such as rock and slower rap. This album has a few good tracks such as Aye (feat. Travis Scott) and Flooded the Face. However, this album is very long as well with 26 songs. This leads to the same problems that Drake faces with his new album. This is an experimental album for Uzi so we are probably not going to see something like this in the near future and he will go back to his normal style of rapping. 

Lastly, the most recent album that dropped, was Set It Off by Offet. This album, while being very new only dropping a couple of days ago, is very popular amongst his fans and fans of rap. The album is shorter making its replayability very enjoyable and easy. While it is still way too early to tell where this album will place on the rankings, it will be a very solid one in the future. 

After taking a look at some of the articles that have been released this year, it’s very difficult to predict the award as there are still albums that have yet to be released such as the rumored Ye and Carti albums. However, with the albums that we have now, I would say that Travis Scott’s Utopia is going to win the award with its incredible production and the flow of the entire album.

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Lucas Van Dyke, Writer
Lucas Van Dyke is an eleventh-grader at Forest Grove High School. He likes to play basketball and baseball. He has one dog.

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