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The Versatility of Alex G


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Alexander Giannascoli, better known as Alex G, is an American musician and singer-songwriter. Born in February 1993, in Haverford, Pennsylvania, Giannascoli started playing his brother’s guitar and recording music when he was eleven. In high school, Giannascoli wrote two albums. Throughout high school, he experimented with different sounds and genres of music and was part of a couple of bands. In 2011, Giannascoli enrolled at Temple University to study English to become a teacher, but dropped out to pursue a musical career instead. 

From 2010 to 2012, Giannascoli released music on Bandcamp, a music streaming platform, and became very popular while staying anonymous and was deemed “The internet’s secret best songwriter” by The Fader.

In 2023, there are nine albums in Alex G’s discography, including Race, Rules, DSU, Trick, Beach Music, Rocket, House of Sugar, and God Save The Animals. Giannascoli has over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

In my opinion, Giannascoli’s music is both happy and sad, ethereal and melancholy. It depends on what kind of mood you’re in when you listen to his music. When you’re sad, it can make you sadder. When you’re happy, it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling. 

Versatile is a way to describe Giannascoli’s music that makes perfect sense to me. It fits lots of instances: the lyrics, tune, mood, and overall energy. While I am only one person, it is easy to imagine that the lyrics feel personal to every listener. When people listen to music, they tend to internalize the lyrics and fit them to a situation going on in their own lives and I think Giannascoli’s music is perfect for that. This could be partly due to the cryptic nature of Giannascoli’s lyrics; they’re so vague that it’s easy to make them into whatever you want in your head. With this being said, while the lyrics can be confusing, the emotions are communicated clearly and directly through his songs. There’s an intent of what the song should be making you feel, yet it’s flexible enough that you can decide what kind of feel you’re getting from the song. 

Giannascoli’s music genre could be categorized as indie rock, alternative rock, lo-fi, indie folk, folktronica, and others along those lines. Maybe Giannascoli’s sound is so unique that it doesn’t fit into one specific genre. 

For years, Alex G has been enticing the fans of indie and folk music. He’s unknown and mysterious with his lack of social media and public presence. Currently, Giannascoli is touring across six countries and has about twenty-five upcoming concerts. His upcoming tours are in the United States, Canada, Norway, Spain, and the Netherlands. I’m buzzing with excitement to see where Giannascoli’s career takes him. Even over a decade later, Giannascoli’s music hasn’t failed to interest listeners and earn more fans. Over the years, he’s explored different sounds and themes within his songs yet all of his albums match and go together nicely and I’m excited to listen to the next one.

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Ava Barnes, Editor
Ava Barnes is a Sophomore at Forest Grove High School. This is their first year as an editor for The Advocate. Outside of school, she's always listening to music, drawing, and hanging out with her friends.

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