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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

Mega Man Story Summary


Mega Man is a side-scrolling platformer, created in 1987 by Akira Kitamura, revolving around a corrupt evil scientist opposing the world, and the only thing stopping him from conquering the world is the super-fighting robot himself, Mega Man! The world originally didn’t have this chaos, as the evil scientist, Dr. Wily used to work together with another bright mind named Dr. Light. Unparalleled compared to other scientists at that time, they created lines of robots to benefit all of mankind by specializing in certain fields. These lines of robots known as the Robot Masters, were created to aim to create a perfect tomorrow. These robots are abbreviated with the letters DLN, which stands for Doctor Light Numbers, their names are as follows: Cutsman, Gutsman, Bombman, Fireman, Iceman, and Elecman.

They weren’t the firsts of DLN, as two extras were built beforehand, DLN-001 Rock, and DLN-002, Roll. These two names are meant to be a playful pun and express Dr. Light’s love of music, Rock and Roll. These two are Light’s attendants, but most importantly, his beloved children. Since Dr. Wily helped create these lines of robots, at least those past DLN-002+, they’re his creations too, going under the abbreviation DWN, Doctor Wily Numbers. A feud broke out between the two scientists that led to Dr. Wily reprogramming the Robot Masters. Wily began to weaponize them by using their abilities as catastrophic weapons of war. He aired all across the world news of his world domination. Rock was opposed to this, but in the current state he was in he couldn’t take on Dr. Wily’s forces, so he asked Dr. Light to weaponize him for the betterment of mankind, the doctor was reluctant but agreed to stop Wily. Rock was armored and given the Mega Buster, a weapon able to shoot concentrated plasma while being installed a copy chip to copy the abilities of his fallen foes. Rock named himself after his buster, creating Mega Man, and kickstarting our story. Playing as Mega Man in the game, you can choose the opposing Robot Masters stages in whatever order you want. He would jump around, shooting all the rogue drones and climbing various obstacles till he got to the final boss section. Each and every one of these Robot Masters of course are dangerous, as they use their abilities against you! Mega beats all of them and unlocks their abilities while moving onto the Wily Fortress, his base of operations. Storming it from the front and intruding through the inside, fighting against the Robot Masters once more, and then fighting specialized fighting robots, as the Robot Masters weren’t initially designed for violence. Mega handles these robots with ease traversing through more dangerous hazards. Mega then comes face to face with the mad doctor, as he’s using a dangerous battleship, using all of the abilities he brought along the way to stop him. The visor of his battleship pops up under enough pressure, revealing his weak spot which can destroy the rest of the battleship, popping him out of his seat, and rendering him defenseless. Having no choice but to surrender, Mega takes Wily prisoner as he’s able to be brought to justice and serve his sentence. 

Mega Man was a fun side-scrolling action-packed game, with memorable character designs and an intriguing storyline. Tons of installations and continuations stemmed from this very first game, but even better! The original game was adapted with a PSP remake with a similar name, Mega Man Powered Up!

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