My Top 5 Anthems for Fall

Fool – Cavetown

Starting out with a carefree riff of four chords, the song’s lyrics repeatedly expresses Cavetowns’ one-sided love for a girl he’s known for years. The song gradually gets increasingly intense. From stacking acoustic guitars on top of each other to adding a catchy electronic beat to finally ending with a lead line of an electric guitar. With the mixing of the instruments and the varied volume of all sounds, it portrays the singers’ confusion and intensening sadness.×523.jpg


Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby – Cigarettes After Sex

With the main focus of this song being a bass line, the mood of this song is seemingly sensual and relaxed. The lyrics almost sound like a lullaby, reassuring the listener that they will be all right, and that all harm will be cast away from them. The beat of the drums loosens up the whole song, immediately making the listener want to close their eyes and sway all the way until the end.×540/p055vslr.jpg


Love It If We Made It – The 1975

A political awakening is made in this song, and we hear their message loud and clear. Behind the heavy drums and the blaring electric guitar, we hear quotes from political leaders and references to modern idols. This song’s meaning is something that we don’t hear a lot of from today’s bands. The 1975 describes their fear of life today, and how they will, “Love it if we made it”; “it” being their current lifetime. The 1975 believes that with all the hate and drama going on EVERYWHERE, it seems impossible to survive.


Gum – Moose Blood

Talk about teen romance. In Gum, one lover explains his admiration for his girl. He reminisces on times spent with her and gushes about how any time they’re together is time well spent. All of his problems seem to disintegrate whenever his girl is with him. All of this is behind a heavy, rock beat. Making the song that much more passionate.


drift/(:( – Alek Olsen

Alek Olsen seems to make anyone’s mood instantly chill. This specific tune is mostly instrumental, with a few melodic words in the background. However, I believe Olsen’s intentions were to make this song’s vocal point the low tuned guitar strumming in the background. The vibe of the guitar is very relaxed and slow. Anyone who listens to this song, will take a deep breath and focus in on the dreamy beat.×220/