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Daniel Caesar
Daniel Caesar
May 20, 2024

Nature’s Natural Remedy: Water!


Naturally, the world we live in has many things we often take for granted without realizing the importance of how they benefit us. For thankless jobs, it’s the garbage men and women who sweep our streets to recycle and dispose of garbage. Bus drivers, who both figuratively and literally, go the mile offering any citizen the ability of fast transport with the cost of a couple bucks. Teachers who give children and aspiring adults opportunities and guide them on their paths, to seize anything they happen to aspire and pursue. As for our bodies, we could say the same thing about white blood cells that protect our bodies nonstop against infections and diseases. Our nervous system, which other than helping relay information throughout the body, responds and handles objects and situations and prevents us from major consequences.

Water is a liquid that can be found all throughout the world, and believe it or not, can even be found inside our bodies since we’re made of about 60% – 55% of water! We heavily require water to function as water can prevent and change the following: headaches that form as a result of dehydration, a change in your mood for social settings, helping your body battle against overheating, helping regulate your waste around your body faster, and avoid constipation and kidney stones. The information provided is just scratching the surface of what water can do for our bodies. The most common types of drinking water usually contain minerals that benefit and help the body in more ways than one. These minerals are magnesium, calcium, fluoride, and sodium!

Not drinking enough water can mess with the body, resulting in chapped lips, dry eyes, yellow-colored urine and the possibility of heatstroke if your body cannot produce enough sweat to combat the elements of the sun. Athletes drink tons of water to cushion their joints and excel in their performances since there’s a lot of movement and sweating going on! Sweating is the body’s way of regulating water around to cool the body down. Another aspect of water affects the bone structure’s growth due to important minerals, magnesium and calcium. What makes things better is that water can positively impact our train of thought. Did you know that we can influence our emotions and moods, like depression and anxiety just by drinking water? Studies have shown that depression links with dehydration.

Now, how exactly do you know if you’re on the right pace reaching your recommended daily intake? The amount of fluid ounces that you drink depends on how much you weigh. Divide that number in half for each two pounds, and you will receive your recommended consumption (ounces) of water. As for everyone, most people should be drinking at least sixty ounces of water daily, but it changes as we grow. If you want to see how much water you should drink for your age group, please refer to the link provided. 

We know of water as one of the main necessities for our survival, but there’s an audience who are unaware of the reasons why this liquid is crucial for everyday life (I am one of them as a matter of fact!). Water is both seen and available all throughout the world be it in the skies and ground. If purified water is what the consumer wants, there are plastic bottles filled with water, gallons of water, etc., you name it! Depending on the water regulations and sanitation, you might even be able to drink water from the convenience of your home, around only the price of a single penny per gallon.


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