Ranking Harry Potter Movies


Image via Reader’s Digest

Gladys Garcia Vasquez


The Harry Potter movies are some of my favorites to watch. I have watched them a couple of times. There are people who think they are boring because they are long and people don’t understand what is going on in the first watch. After watching all of the movies I realized that some of the movies I won’t rewatch because of how bad they are. This isn’t about how it was produced, it’s about what happened in that movie that made it worse. 


The movie I like the most is The Deathly Hallows Part 2 because Harry got to know the truth about what happened and why. Before Snape died, he told Harry to take his tear and put it in a small cup.  Harry took it to this fountain Dumbledore had in his office. With that tear, he got to see that Snape wasn’t the bad guy everyone thought he was.  We saw how he was in love with Harry’s mother, and Harry’s father would bully Snape when they were younger. Snape knew before Harry’s parents were killed so he asked Dumbledore to protect Lily, Harry’s mom, but Dumbledore asked him for something in exchange to protect her. He didn’t protect her. Afterward, Harry got to see what Dumbledore’s plan really was and why he kept Harry alive for so long. That made him go to Voldemort because Harry was supposed to be killed by him. There was a battle in which Voldemort thought he killed Harry so they took him back to the castle. There was one last thing Harry’s team needed to kill in order for Voldemort to lose his powers. They didn’t know what it was until they realized it was the snake and they had to kill the snake in order for Harry to defeat Voldemort. Neville killed it and after that, both Harry and Voldemort had another battle Harry won.


My second favorite movie would be The Prisoner of Azkaban. The movie is about Harry meeting his godfather, who he didn’t know was his godfather. In that movie, Sirius escaped prison. The news went around and Ron’s father told Harry that he was in danger because the reason Sirius escaped was to kill him. Harry was ready for whatever was coming his way. When the school year started they got introduced to a new teacher, Remus, who was a werewolf. They started learning about them because of Remus. Harry, Hermione, and Ron ended up inside a tree where they found Sirius, and afterward, Remus came. That’s when Harry saw both Sirius and Remus were friends, so he thought Remus was betraying Dumbledore. They talked and Sirius told Harry he didn’t betray his parents and he wasn’t the reason they got killed. He said that he and Harry’s parents were close friends. He was sent to jail for something he didn’t do so he had to escape. The real traitor was in the room, which was Ron’s rat. The rat Ron had was a human who was turned into a rat. Remus used his wand to turn it back into a human. Sirius told Harry that he was the one who betrayed his parents. During that time Harry discovered the truth: Sirius was his godfather and whatever people said about Sirius wasn’t true. 


My third favorite movie would be The Chamber of Secrets because it was funny. In the second movie, Harry enters his room and sees an elf called Dobby. He tells Harry that he shouldn’t go back to Hogwarts because it’s dangerous for him. Harry doesn’t listen and goes to the train station anyway but Dobby blocked the border they had to go through. Both Harry and Ron couldn’t go through so they decided to take the flying car and catch up to the train. Both Harry and Ron get in trouble because they got caught. A non-magic person took a picture of them and sent it to the news and came out in the newspaper. They didn’t get suspended but they got detention. A lot of weird things started happening. Harry started to hear voices only he was able to hear. Some of his classmates were found frozen on the ground. Argus Filch’s cat was used to write something on the walls. Filch thought Harry did it since they found him there. Harry later goes to the library and finds Tom Riddle’s diary. He would write something and the diary would write back. Harry thought Tom was a friendly person but it turns out he was the one who was doing everything. Afterward, when Harry found out, he decided to destroy the diary. All the people who were frozen unfroze.

Those are my top 3 favorite movies from Harry Potter. For the rest of the movies, I thought they were great and had a really good plot. But the 2 main movies I didn’t like were Deathly Hallows Part One because it was kind of boring. I feel like they should’ve put both part 1 and part 2 together, but it does have some good moments. The top movie I would not rewatch is The Order of the Phoenix because I don’t like Dolores Umbridge, a new professor in that movie. She was annoying and created so many rules nobody wanted to follow, and she also tried to fire everyone there.