Why Lay’s Chips ARE Better


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Jade Alderson

People eat chips every day. What is the best kind though? Lays Barbeque chips are the absolute best kind of chips there are. Don’t get me wrong, other chips are pretty good, but most are in the category of mid. Barbeque chips have a slightly salty taste with a perfect amount of barbeque seasoning. The sweet tangy taste melts on your tongue and leaves you only wanting more. They leave just the right amount of dust on your fingers that don’t stain them as other chips do. Another appealing thing about barbeque chips is that they don’t stick in your teeth as others may. They have a perfect crunch that isn’t too crunchy or too soft. With certain chips such as Doritos, if you bite them the wrong way then it stabs you in the mouth which is extremely painful and can leave a sore for days. 

Let’s talk about Pringles. They are so hyped up and for what? They are shoved into a small tube which makes them difficult to grab and store. There is a major lack of seasoning on them and they have a strange texture that is difficult to enjoy and ends up getting stuck in your teeth for hours. They are unpleasant and majorly inferior to barbeque Lays. The fact that they had the audacity to make barbeque-flavored pringles is appalling. Unfortunately, there are many people whose favorite kind of chips is Pringles (any kind) and that is a true sadness in the world. 

Doritos. They are another kind of chip that doesn’t happen to be horrible. Although, there are many negatives to the consumption of Doritos. They are very crunchy chips that turn sharp the more you chew. If you bite into a Dorito the wrong way then you will face major consequences. They stab you in the mouth, and up in your gums, and they rub unpleasantly on your tongue. They are dangerous chips. This is true, but they also have a great amount of seasoning. Depending on the chip, you will get staining dust on your fingers but many love the amount of flavoring so much that they don’t care about the sharp pain and stained fingers. 

Now we get to ruffles. The overly salted wavy chip comes with a strangely textured ranch dip. They too have the painful consequences of mouth sores due to their overly crunchy feel. They tried to be quirky and cool by putting waves on their chips and calling it special, but it didn’t work. They are overrated and way too salty. All they do is leave you needing some kind of hydration because, without any, all of the water in your body would dry up due to its high salt content. 

The rest of the chips are irrelevant and don’t matter. So this just proves the fact that lays barbecue chips are superior in every way. Everything is wrong with every other chip is everything right with these Lay’s. They are a tiny part of heaven on earth.