Why Music is Important in Every Culture


(Image via Nautilus)

Gwendolyn Woods, Writer

Whenever people come together music is there. Music unites people, it’s intimate, it connects people with their community. There is music in every culture and in every different part of the world. In all of the different types of music, there is one similar thing that they have in common, is that it connects you to others, whether it’s by dancing to the music, singing to the music, or overall just celebrating the music. Many things define cultures like types of food, clothing, religion, and music. Art is important to everyone individually but it is also important within your community as a whole. 

Music is how you celebrate cultural traditions. There are many festivals within different communities, and most of those have music within their celebration. Music around the world has distinct music and many festivals and events are centered around parades of music and celebration. A celebration, festival, or party, without music is really no party at all. Music allows us to dance and to fully be ourselves with our community. The music helps people express how they feel with movement. When music is playing and people are dancing it makes you feel connected with your culture. 

When we were young, our parents most likely played us music, sang to us, maybe even before we were born and that is for a reason. Our life is surrounded by music. People make time to relax and listen to their favorite music. It doesn’t matter where you live or your age, music is usually a big aspect of your life. It touches you, connects you with people. Music is intimate, it expresses your emotions about a situation, and that is similar throughout every culture.  

Music connects you to your own identity. It helps you feel united with your culture and feel as though you belong. Music is important to help you learn a language. Parents usually sing to their babies while they are in the womb, and there is a reason for that. Listening to music will help them learn a language. One of the most essential skills you developed when you were young was the alphabet, and that is taught through a song. Learning a language through a song is easier to learn than just trying to memorize a sentence in a different language.

Music overall helps us find out identity. For a long time, children try to emulate our parents but as you grow older you figure out who you want to be and music is usually a big part of helping you find your identity. We start to discover our own choice in music and is often our first little rebellion against our parents. Finding yourself is an important part of your identity. It also brings you together with other people and means more than just someone singing words. It connects with you, and overall helps you find yourself, and find people that are similar to you which is important to have people you can relate to. 

Music is different in every culture but they all have a couple of things in common and that is, music is important because it is a way to celebrate cultural traditions, connect you with people, helps you find your identity, and also helps you learn a language. Music is important to everyone in one way or another, and it overall brings people together and is a big part of your mental health. Music is a big part of every culture and is very diverse. Music has a big role in every community.