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Why Fall is the Best Time of Year


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Spring is not fun enough, the summer heat gets annoying, and winter is too cold. Fall, on the other hand, is ideal for anything! You can do a lot of activities and dress in anything with the perfect weather. It’s football season, and of course, the Halloween spirit! It’s such a peaceful time of the year and there are many reasons why the fall season is the best. 

First of all, the trees begin to turn red, orange, and yellow making the prettiest colors everywhere you go. Hearing that satisfying crunch when you go on walks and step on the leaves is the best. No matter the weather, if it’s rainy, cloudy, or sunny, the leaves always look beautiful in fall.

Fall is also awesome because the pumpkin spice, apple, and caramel flavored everything is the best. The drinks, the pies, the cookies, just everything! All the seasonal drinks and bakery items that coffee shops offer are so good. Apart from food, the fall candle scents are amazing. The smell of any fall candle is perfect for just about anything. You can light one up while showering, doing work, watching TV, reading, and other activities. These scents bring a sense of relaxation. 

As the weather becomes less hot, the best fashion begins. You can begin wearing the most comfortable yet trendy clothing ever. The puffer jackets, the vests, the warm boots and slippers, the beanies, and the cardigans are so comfortable. They are the best type of clothing to style if you’re really into fashion. The weather is also a big part of why fall is the best. It’s a little of all types of climates. It’s not too cold and not too hot. You can get a fresh breeze but you aren’t freezing just yet. The rainy weather does begin here in Oregon but honestly, it can be so peaceful. The rain brings a time when you can just stay inside, chill, and relax with your warm blanket while watching TV. 

The activities you can do during this season are also a reason fall is the best. Fall has the most fun activities in my opinion. You can go to high school or college football games to support, and go pumpkin picking, carving, and painting. You can have bonfires with your loved ones, Halloween and fall-themed festivals, haunted houses and so much more. Apple picking is also a popular activity that I would want to do. Corn mazes, horse or bike riding, and picnics are also such a fun thing to do. Maybe even just baking Halloween treats at home with a friend can be fun and will get you in the Halloween spirit!

Speaking of Halloween spirit, Halloween is the biggest reason why fall is the best! Yes, we may have Thanksgiving in the fall too, but it’s not Halloween. That adrenaline-filled feeling of getting spooked and pulling scary pranks on friends and family is so fun. When October comes around, I consider the whole month to be Halloween and the idea of preparing for the holiday. All the things you can do and the way you can bond with other people make the fall season top tier. Passing by houses and seeing the ones that go extreme on spooky decorations or just going to stores and seeing the cutest fall/spooky decorations can get you in the spirit. Scary movies are a must with friends and family during this time of the year! There are so many classics like Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, the Halloween movie franchise, the Scream movie franchise, and many more that show the joy of Halloween or give you a quick jump scare and that adrenaline rush. 

Fall captures the feeling of calmness and joy while also preparing us for the warm feeling of fresh and cold weather to begin. It is also the beginning of feeling more united with family and friends. Fall has so much to offer us with its natural beauty, cozy and fun activities, delicious food, and much more. Let’s enjoy the rest of the fall season, and make it your favorite time of the year!

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Natalie Granda Mejia is a junior at Forest Grove High School. She enjoys listening to music and binge-watching movies series and TV shows.

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