A Collection of Poems Inspired By Music


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Gwendolyn Janik, Writer


Night Stars

Drifting out on the sea

I’m all alone; Just me

Laying down on my boat

I see it; What the stars wrote.

Can’t make me share what the stars sung

I couldn’t if I wanted to; It’s not my tongue 

Soothing swaying drifts me off to sleep

But memories do I keep.


Tree of Me

This is a tree

A tree of me.

It grows with me

I grow with it

When life gets hard,

We’ll weather the storm

Our roots run deep

Together, we’ll grow

This is a tree

A tree of me



Leaves falling

Sun dawning

Breaths puff through the air

I can’t do anything but stare

Gold covers the ground

Nothing makes a sound

I wish for nothing at all

In this Eden of fall

A moment frozen in time

Until I step back

I’m late for school



Pop, Hiss, Crackle

This is the sound of my heart igniting

The sound of my soul catching fire

The sound of my anger, sorrow, joy, awakening

All it took was a spark

All of my passion rising up

All my love, hatred, fears flooding forwards


You can probably see them in my eyes 

You can hear them in my voice 

You can feel their heat

Know that I will always carry them.

Know that I will never back down

For I am on fire



She wraps you in a warm embrace

But when she is gone, you feel colder than you were before

She gives you a jar of butterflies and asks you to take care of them for her

They might fade until you thought that it was a figment of your imagination

But she comes back eventually

Dancing circles around you, she kissed you cheek, leaving her perfume to linger behind

Someday, I hope that she will stay and not run away



When I think back, I always stumble.. 

What is my earliest memory?

But, the dew glittering on grass like diamonds

The air that blew out of my mouth, and froze in the cold air

The wind that played with my ponytail as I ran

The ball on the ground that I wanted so badly.

The cheering of parents

The barking of Bo-dog, our special soccer dog

The flush in my cheeks

The cold water that always spilled on the sidelines and went to waste

These are things that I will never forget. Don’t ask me if this happened before that, because I don’t know.

Just like my mom, just like my brothers and sister, just like Bo-Dog. Soccer fields in the cold autumn air has been my home.


There is nothing like a drizzly day in the woods. Nothing like the small drops of rain on your cheeks, the smell of the pine and other trees, and the comfort of the birds chirping!


Autumn Waltz

Leaves are dancing round and round,

Falling slowly to the ground.

Leaves of pretty red and dew,

They’re dancing for me and you.

Leaves signal our last chance,

May I ask you to this dance?

Leaves are falling into place,

I’m warm in this autumn embrace.


We walked and talked

Then we talked and walked.

Circles around our neighborhood

Circles around the park

You acted as a middleman

Tried to be the bridge

Its a shame that the others didn’t want to listen

“We’re done” they cried “I won’t let you in.”

It crushed me a little that they pushed away my olive branch

Maybe it’s for the best, to let some people go

Maybe I don’t need them, but why does it still hurt?

At least I still have you and others who listen

We might not always agree; But that’s what life will be


Broken Friendships

Falling from grace,

Who will take my place?

I finally found my voice

Only to get shamed for my choice

You want to put me in a muzzle

But my feathers you will ruffle

Twelve year down the drain,

But, what did you gain?

I brush it off like snow

That’s just for show

It feels like a knife in my chest

Now I can’t even draw breath

I showed my defiance

You’re drowning me in silence

At least look me in the eye

And tell me why





The embodiment of kids laughing in a summer meadow

It reflects off of a tiny little minnow

Sunlight dancing through the window

Grains as the farmers winnow

Buried deep in the earth,

Do you know how much it’s worth?

Enough of it couldn’t buy me the world.





Down to earth

Characteristics of my Zodiac

Some people find it unnerving, how much I put into my passions

I can be as soft as a kitten walking through grass, but people forget about my claws and teeth.

I know that I can be a bit bullheaded, 

Backing down isn’t a part of me, whether that’s good or bad, you can decide, but It’s who I am

The feeling of dirt underfoot, and warm sun dancing in the summer, that’s me