Soccer Semifinals


(JD Humburg/Oregon Live)

Brisa Aguilar and Gabriella Ruiz

Welcome to today’s topic of…….SOCCER! We went out and asked one of the soccer players from the delayed game on November 7th to answer a few of our questions. We were told we were told by one of the soccer players Brian Custodio that when the game was delayed they actually weren’t disappointed, but more relieved: “we were hoping that the game was going to be delayed because we were playing bad and we knew that, so we were happy when we found out it was being delayed”.


Brian has also told us that they are working on communication skills during the game. “everybody is just working on communicating more and we’re also trying to improve our attack, now that we are losing our best forward, [Oscar Macias]”


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to move from JV to varsity

Brian told us, “Varsity is more challenging mostly because all the other guys are bigger and older and everyone just tries a lot harder you can tell when you play”


Some things the players look forward to next season are working harder to win state. “ For next season we have practically the same starting lineup except 3 so just hoping we can do better than this year and hopefully win state”

Brian Custodio also said, “We did good overall this season, we were 2nd in league and we made it semifinals for state, the furthest our team has ever made it.”  

The soccer players are doing really good so far and we hope the best for them next season.