Zanderlynn Almendra, Writer

Snakes are long, short, big, and small creatures that live on the earth. Snakes are amazing creatures that can be friendly but deadly at the same time. My last article talked about different frogs you could have as pets. In this article which is my last article of this year, I decided to talk about snakes and that snakes are the best to have as a pet.

One snake is a Corn snake, these snakes are a great choice for beginners. Corn snakes can grow up to three to five feet. To buy one of these snakes, would cost you around $40 dollars. Corn snakes have a life span of 15 to 20 years in captivity. The main thing corn snakes eat is small mice alive or frozen. 

Another great snake to look at for a pet would be a Rainbow Boa. This snake is also a good choice for beginners. These snakes grow to be five or even six feet long.  They can live up to 20 years while living in captivity. These snakes have amazing colors on them and are very pretty. They love to eat large-sized mice and rats for their meals. 

Next on the list of amazing snakes to have is a Ball Python. Ball Python is a wonderful pet to have but you should have a little more knowledge on snakes before getting one. These snakes can grow to be three to five feet if it’s a female, if it’s a male they will grow to two to three feet. They can way up to four pounds and have a life span of 20 to 30 years. They like to eat all sizes of mice and rats. 

Next on the list is one of my favorite snakes which is a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python. These snakes are beautiful to stare at, and it is just amazing snake in general. To buy one of these snakes would cost you around $700 to $1,000. They grow to be two to three feet long and can have a life span of 20 to 30 years while in captivity. These snakes like to eat rodents not just mice and rats. These snakes are also very friendly when they want to be. 

Last but serenely not least on my list is a Rough Green Snake. These snakes are known for their nice green color. To buy one of these snakes would cost you around $10. These snakes can grow up to 45 inches and have a life span of 15 years. A Rough Green Snake likes to eat insects and snails and small frogs they will also eat crickets, spiders, flies, caterpillars, and grasshoppers every once in a while. These snakes like to spend most of their time climbing small trees and vines.

All of these snakes are amazing as pets but this is only five out of the 47 snakes on “Everything Reptiles”.  This website has amazing facts and ways to care for snakes. But they also talk about frogs, lizards, and turtles. I recommend giving this website a look when you have the chance because learning about all of those creatures is fun.