Movie Review of IT by Stephen King


Image via IMDb

Aubrie Sandoval, Writer

It’s October, which 100% means that slasher films and horror movies, in general, are an absolute must. Who doesn’t love being scared right out of their skin? Realistically, I know that a lot of people don’t enjoy horror movies because it gives them creepy crawlies and then they pull a muscle from cringing so hard. However, for the people who adore horror, and who really like a good movie review, I am here to tell you, *Drum roll* I am doing a movie review on Stephen King’s IT 2017 version. I recently watched it again and it was kind of interesting to see how scared I got after not seeing it for several years. It also didn’t help that my back was to open space and the room was dark so I kept getting the heebie-jeebies. 

I would really like to take a moment to talk about the background music in the 2017 version of IT, because it was actually so good. The music supervisor that put together the little playlist is elite and I stand by that. It all matched up so well. If you’ve read previous articles by me, you’ll know I’m very big on music and how it fits the mood of your emotions and the scenery, etc. I think they did a good job of that. A good build and release. My favorite scene because of how the music plays nice and quiet in the back, was the scene where the losers are defeating Pennywise, and he’s hanging by his little clown fingertips from the lip of a well, and he recites one of Bill’s speech exercises and then slips right on down the well to wherever. It was just so good, oh man. If you haven’t seen IT, I definitely recommend it just on the basis of the music fitting so well. 

While speaking about things fitting well, let’s touch on the cast. They chose such good fits for each character and the script made them feel more well-rounded than they could have been. The losers club was entertaining and the actors and actresses were just child-like enough to pass as 13-14-year-olds. The Bowers Gang was less of a hit for me, not because of the acting, it was very good, and they’re very talented. However when you read the book or even just search it up, there were 12, and there were 7 of them. They were meant to show the opposite of the losers basically. There was also less of a power struggle because they were all the same ages. But the 4 of them made up for the fact that there were 3 extra characters in the book by being good at what they do. We stan.  Also, Bill Skarsgård is a superhero. He played Pennywise so well that my skin legit crawled when he came on screen.

Not to cut this short or anything, but I just really loved this movie and I think they did a really great job. It’s difficult to take not just a movie that is very popular but the book it’s based on and do it justice. Mr Muschietti, you outdid yourself. I loved the older version, and the book is one of my very most beloveds, and I have 2 bookshelves of books so it means something. I really loved the latest adaptation of IT. I just wanted to share that with you.