10 Facts About Cats


(Image via International Cat Care)

Pheobee King, Writer

Cats are great! You can leave them at home without worrying about the house being destroyed (unless they’re a kitten) because most cats are smart. For all you cat lovers out there, here are ten fascinating facts about cats! First, a cat that is one year is the same age as a 15-year-old human, and after its second year, a 25 human years old. Each cat year is equal to about 7 human years! Second, cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees. Third, an average cat’s hearing is at least 4 times sharper than an adult human. Fourth, domestic cats spend about 70%  of the day sleeping and 15% of the day grooming. In the largest cat breed, the average male weighs approximately 20 pounds. Sixth, most cats don’t have eyelashes. Seventh, cats cannot see directly under their noses. Eighth, some believe if you dream about a white cat, good luck will follow! Ninth, cats have five toes on each front paw but only four on each back paw. (The cat with the most toes known had 32, 8 on each paw!) Finally, meows are an innate cat language that cats developed to communicate with humans.

I hope all you cat lovers enjoyed these ten facts about cats!