May 17th, 2018


(Image via Unsplash)

Jaycob Davis, Writer

When May came and the days got longer, spring fell to summer, and those nights of studying turned to nights of laughing and smiling on the phone with you. You became my best friend, but it was a bond forbidden by someone who had control of my heart, though we didn’t really care because of the way we fell into each other’s sentences and I fell into those green eyes, loving every minute spent with you. Thinking we’d ever become more than best friends did not occur to me, though I secretly wanted it to eventually happen. You became my only thought, my only rose, my only sunlight, and my only night but still, it was a bond that was forbidden. Time could only determine our fate, through all the mistakes, all the stormy weather I wasn’t sure if you’d want me again, but time revealed a love that never died, rather grew stronger. This time I knew that we were no longer forbidden and we could last longer. We became best friends again and then we became one, two years from May 17th will be our half a year since two hearts formed one unbreakable love. You lit up my stars again, guided me through the dark and we trust the direction we decide to go because we will be together. They don’t know it, but I am tied to you and they think that they can break the knot, but it cannot be broken by outside influence or by inside influence, you’ll always have my heart despite the stance our relationship may have. I’ve loved you since before I even knew what love was, you were my happiness when I didn’t even know how to smile. Your existence gave me the drive I needed to continue down a road I was once uncertain about, but now that you’re walking the road with me I am not uncertain, because as long as you’re there I know even if I lose, I will not have lost everything. Your vibes will always be there even if you can’t be, your words and the feeling of your love will always be with me because I am certain in the relationship we share. I can’t replace that feeling with anything else because only your heart makes me feel the way I do. I believe the way I do because of you. As the sun falls into the night, I’ll remember that you’re under the same stars as me. That gives me the serenity and certainty that I need in order to let it all out and let it go. You’ll always be there and I’ll always be there with you even when the night separates us, you aren’t too far from me. I’ll let it all go tonight to show you that I am alright. With you everything is so much brighter, the colors of the sky feel surreal when you’re there to feel them with me. I love you and that doesn’t go away in time.