Why Owning a Pet is Good For You


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(Image via Griffith, Young & Lass)

Morgan Cottrill, Writer

Some people say that owning a pet guarantees that you will be happier and overall be a better person. I can see how one might think that, but is it true? Besides having a fun animal friend what are the benefits of a pet and how do they affect someone who has one. As well as, is there a difference in the way pet owners and non pet owners act? If you have a cat, dog, fish or a hamster no matter the pet you know that when you have a bad day or just a long day that when you get home your pet nine times out of ten make you feel so much better. Sometimes I wonder how one could go home without a cat, dog, fish, hampster or whatever the pet is. Now we know that our pets make us happy but how come? A big reason is that no matter how small that pet it can make the person happy. Pets can give people a responsibility, something to do and keep them healthy.

Now you might wonder how can a pet that poops, stits around in your home while you take care of it do that. Well first of all sometimes people get bored. They don’t know what to do, but then they think of their pet that gives them something to do. Whether it’s taking it on a walk or just feeding it or even watching it. Watching them can be fun as well. Also when people have something to do it gives them a sense of responsibility.For example if you feel that you tend to have lots of free time or time miss spent a pet could fill that with the responsibilities that come with them. Humans are supposed to be social and active and for the loss of pets like cats and dogs or farites, they give lots do and that’s always good.

We as humans are also social animals, but we don’t always have someone sound weather that’s for just a bit or for a long time we can still get lonely. If there is no one around but you have a pet even if it’s not one you can hold it can still provide some company. Even though our pets aren’t other humans we can still have them fill that lonely feeling. If you didn’t have a pet and didn’t have people around you often then that could lead to you getting pretty low or sad. But if there was a pet by your side that could solve the problem being another really good reason of how pets benefit us and our health.  

Pets can also keep people healthy physically. Now of course pets aren’t going to turn you into an athlete but they can sure keep you active. Obviously a fish or hamster can’t do that but the common dog or cat can. Dogs need walks or runs and a cat needs attention and something or someone to play with. Now doing these things are going to get you in peak physical shape but it’s better than sitting around, not to say that non pet owners do. You might drive your dog to the park then let him run loose but car lease you got outside and that’s better than nothing. You are moving and feeling like you aren’t just being sedentary so that’s what counts. It may not feel like working out at the gym but overall it is better for you. 

Pets also makes us happy. How could one go home to their sweet cute little pet and not like it. They can always bring a smile and somehow you can feel they understand you when no one else does, and that’s a relationship some people don’t even  have with other people. That’s pretty crazy hoe good pets can make us feel. They can improve our overall well being without even doing it intentionally and by just being pets. That’s what I love about them and why I think they have so many benefits to us and what they are so good for us as well.