How White Privilege Is Becoming More Apparent In Today’s Society


(Image via The Daily Beast)

Jennifer Campos, Writer

White privilege has always been a complicated topic for many people. Many choose to believe that it doesn’t exist but some do. White privilege has existed for many years and it’s still present in today’s society. Darker complexions have always been less favored and have always been looked at as minorities. There are many challenges that have been present for people of color. Some of these examples are employment, unfair jail sentences and several other things. White people don’t have to worry about most of the things that people of color have to deal with. White people get inherited properties and/or wealth, whereas people of color might not get even near as many opportunities. 

People of lighter complexions have mainly been preferred over people of color. They have always been superior in the eyes of society. The courts today deny that they don’t have a preference over race yet when a white male and a black male commit the same crime they get more years added to their sentence than a white male. There are cases where even poor whites get better jobs than middle-class blacks because of white privilege. Some people choose to believe that white privilege doesn’t exist and everyone is equal. They’re either too ignorant or maybe they haven’t experienced the true reality that people of color go through. You may see a person of color and a smile might be visible on their face but you don’t know if they have been discriminated against. 

Not everyone knows the reality of a black man and the police versus a white male and the police. When a black male is arrested, police tend to abuse their power because of the silent prejudice they hold. There have been a large amount of cases where police shoot an unarmed black male because they were “resisting” when getting arrested. Now, when a white male gets arrested they either get a warning and get to go back home they because they don’t get brutally taken out of their car,  don’t get their head banged against the concrete floor, and they don’t get shot at because of their skin color. There have been several cases where abuse of power is being denied and where people find any other excuse to justify their prejudices against black people. People may think there isn’t a difference but that’s not the case.

Everyone needs to realize all these differences and actions against black people and the Latino/Hispanic community. White people have been preferred since the old times. Even though there is more equality now, there are many things that haven’t changed. Everyone needs to know the harsh reality for people of color and they need to speak about it and change things. Not everyone has seen the reality of society’s actions these days that are against people of color. Many should not only talk about this issue but instead, do something about it because people of color have gone through a lot for them not to be equal as if it wasn’t their right. Make a difference. Give an example to future generations to show what equality is.