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Daniel Caesar
Daniel Caesar
May 20, 2024

The 5; A Zombie Story

Part One


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The world is ending. Zombies are everywhere. I left ten humans to survive against a world of zombies. Resources are scarce. I am Echo Bloodwood. I am one survivor of the apocalypse. I am deciding between these 10 humans to maintain resources. Only 5 can stay underground. I will leave the other 5 to die…tough choices to make in 5 days.

I am responsible for choosing one person from the group of five to leave the underground shelter and join the infected population starting with the first three on the list. We’ve been here for six months trying to stay alive. First on the list is Zara, a 17-year-old female, about 5’11 with dirty blonde hair, and gray-blue eyes. Strengths include: speed, MMA experience, and a high stamina, all useful. Deafness and minimal upper body strength are weaknesses. Next on the list is Ethan, a 22-year-old male, about 3’0 with brown hair and silver eyes. He’s a skilled zombie fighter but lacks speed because of his height. Yet, he has the advantage of fitting into small spaces. He’s also got heightened hearing, but his eyesight isn’t excellent.

3rd in line is Phoenix. She’s a 12-year-old female, 5’1, with black hair, and golden brown eyes. Heightened sight and hearing, plus she possesses mind control abilities. She also has very little patience, with a quick temper, and can’t control her mind control abilities yet. I’m tasked with selecting one survivor to go and keeping two. I have to choose between Ethan, a 22-year-old male with valuable knowledge but more weaknesses than strengths, and Zara and Phoenix, 17 and 12 years old and will grow up, anyway. I put the two profiles for Zara and Phoenix in the keep pile, putting Ethan’s profile in discharge. Ethan must leave by morning if my assistant does their job right. 

“Almira!!!” I scream. “Get Ethan and alert him he is being discharged by the morning.” I hand her Ethan’s profile as a reference as I yell, “AND MAKE IT QUICK!!!” Almira scurries off to find Ethan and get rid of him. The next morning, Ethan is escorted with his bags packed and pushed outside to where the zombies have infected everyone else besides the 10 underground. 

The second Ethan steps outside the underground shelter, he spots a few million zombies…a whole swarm of zombies! The zombies don’t see him right away due to his height, but as Ethan starts moving in the opposite direction of the swarm, a zombie spots him coming toward him. Ethan spots an abandoned store and immediately starts to jog, getting inside the store just in time almost getting caught by a zombie. He closes the doors to the store, and puts a broom through both door handles, locking them out temporarily as he tries to survive above ground where the zombies are. The zombies start to try to bang down the doors, almost getting through. Ethan starts to hold the doors close, having a lot of upper body strength for his height of just 3’0. Using a chair to further support the doors, he starts to run towards the stairs in the store leading to the attic. He starts to rush up the stairs, going pretty slow as he’s short. The attic is very dusty, with a minuscule amount of light. Ethan makes a bed on the hardwood floor, that’s incredibly creaky. The bed consists of an old ragged blanket with a sweatshirt rolled up as a pillow. He lays down to hopefully get some sleep after this heck of a day. Falling asleep rather quickly, one day survived hoping to survive another…

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