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Print Edition: Spring 2021

June 4, 2021

Our second printed edition of the year is out now! You can pick up your copies around the high school, or read the digital version below. Enjoy!

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Ode to 15

Danielle Murray, Writer December 21, 2020

It’s a miracle you turned out okay. You dug yourself so deep, the fever of the core was melting your skin, stripping you down to your bones. You never even realized it. You turned into something so self-destructive...

A Student Perspective On The Hybrid Learning Model

A Student Perspective On The Hybrid Learning Model

Monique Rosas, Writer December 21, 2020

As you know, we have been doing distance learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. The question everybody wants to know is what schools reopening will look like. Though in some states they have decided...

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Addressing Depression in the Modern Era

Amelie Verlinden, Resources Editor December 21, 2020

Content Warning: This article contains mentions of eating disorders, depression and suicide. Please proceed cautiously. If you or someone you love is struggling, there are resources at the bottom of this...

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Racism in American Education

Elanor Wilger, Feature and Opinion Editor December 21, 2020

Some people believe that America has left racism in its past. That while there may be racist people in the country, the country itself no longer implements a racist system. This belief is false. The countrywide...

Concentration Camps in China

Concentration Camps in China

Chloe Hefner, Writer December 21, 2020

TW: rape and forced abortion  Imagine not being able to talk or see the person who raised you because the country you live in doesn't like your ethnic group.  This is a reality for Jewher Ilham and...

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Self Care 101

Micaela Gaither, Series Editor December 21, 2020

Me before you. It’s not often said, me before you. Normally we hear you before me, your needs above mine. It’s selfish to think of my needs before yours by societal standards. I agree it’s important...

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Colin Kaepernick: A Timeline of His Protests

Jacob Kolb, Sports Editor December 21, 2020

In 2011, the second-round draft pick: quarterback Colin Kaepernick went to the San Francisco 49ers as a second-string quarterback. He used to be the backup to Alex Smith until 2012 when Alex Smith suffered...

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Artist Profile: Bryson Tiller

Jelani Dupon, Writer December 21, 2020

Bryson Djuan Tiller is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. Tiller was born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 2, 1993, making him 27 years old. Tiller grew up from a humble beginning in Louisville....

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COVID-19 and Mental Health

Tabitha Fitzgerald, Writer December 21, 2020

  Right now, we’re in the thick of a global pandemic. COVID-19 affects almost every aspect of our lives. Many people are working or attending classes online, face masks have become essential,...

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Women in the Music Industry: H.E.R.

Joselyn Gonzalez, Writer December 21, 2020

   At just 14 years old, Gabriella Wilson had already signed her name to RCA records, according to the Bet Award Archives. She had performed on the Today Show with a cover of Alicia Keys song, “No...

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How News Sources Affect Political Polarization

Chloe Hoyle, Writer December 21, 2020

How does it affect your beliefs when your social media feeds and news sources are only telling you biased or one-sided information? Why do we surround ourselves with people with the same or very similar...

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