A Student Perspective On The Hybrid Learning Model


Monique Rosas, Writer

As you know, we have been doing distance learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. The question everybody wants to know is what schools reopening will look like. Though in some states they have decided to spend the rest of the school year online, most states are hoping to return in person schooling with safety restrictions. The hybrid learning model has been created to allow students to safely attend in-person school a couple of days a week. The issue is that no one is asking how this new style of education will impact the students. 

So you may be asking, how exactly does hybrid learning work and how does it differ from distance learning? According to eThink, hybrid learning is “a way of combining traditional classroom experiences, experiential learning objectives, and digital course delivery that emphasizes using the best option for each learning objective.” Essentially, half of the students are in physical classes, while the other half is at home doing online classes. Obviously, this style of learning is different from distance learning because it’s a mix of physical and online courses/activities. Every student has their perspective on the hybrid learning model. There are both pros and cons to this new style of education.   

Studies have shown that school is the main cause of mental health issues within children. Can you imagine forcing a student who suffers from anxiety to attend physical classes? Not only is that student stressing about normal school life, but on top of that having to wear a mask and avoid coming in contact with other students. Students with other medical conditions have to deal with this same problem, and Very Well Family claims that the stress level of students will rapidly increase in their article “Common Questions Kids Have About Going Back to School During COVID-19.” The hybrid learning model makes students question their safety. They have to ask themselves “is it okay to eat lunch around other people” or “is it safe to come home after spending hours in a large gathering.” This causes students to not feel comfortable attending school which will eventually impact their academic future. No matter how safe a school claims to be, there still is a risk of exposure to the virus. Though physical school is not the ideal opinion for some, others are ready to go back to school.  

  I think everyone at this point is missing school. The routine is what keeps a lot of students motivated to succeed academically. A student wrote, “It is hard to concentrate at home during distance learning because I don’t feel motivated to do the work since there is nobody my age whereas at school I feel motivated (EdSource).” As a student, I can relate. It’s easy to say you’re going to work, but when you’re in a home environment it’s hard to stay focused. Also, distance learning makes it harder for students to make friends. If we were to move into hybrid learning it would allow students to socialize again. Plus, hybrid learning would allow students to get to know their teacher, which is one of the downsides of distance learning. A lot of students aren’t feeling as supported by teachers this year due to online learning. The lack of support discourages students to engage in class. All these issues could be fixed with the new hybrid learning model, but we do have to acknowledge everyone’s point of view.    

At the end of the day, the schools are trying their best to stay safe during these difficult times. We can’t be mad at them for the situation we are in. COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s life. Unfortunately, we are having to deal with it through our education. That being said, it’s important we continue to communicate between our school and parents. If you feel anxious about school, tell someone, you’re probably not the only one feeling that way. It’s okay to have questions. Seeing the year we have had, nothing is out of the question anymore. A student wrote, “as much as I wouldn’t want to do online learning, I know it benefits everyone by preventing them from getting sick from the virus.” So whether you have negative or positive views on the new style of learning, just remember we are all trying to work through this hectic school year together.