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June 13, 2024
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June 12, 2024
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June 12, 2024

Advice for 8th Graders

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Eighth grade is an important year in a student’s academic life. Middle school’s final year is a time of transition, full of excitement and hardships. Here are some key pieces of advice to navigate through your 8th-grade year successfully.

1 – Balance your school and personal life

Although academics are vital for having a successful school life, extracurricular activities are equally as important to your personal development and mental health. Find activities that interest you and can help you learn new stuff, whether they be clubs, athletics, music, painting, or other hobbies. While juggling your social and outside interests with school work can be difficult, doing this has a huge payoff and you will find some of your closest friends because of it. Always remember to strike a good balance, avoid taking on too much, and make time to rest your body and your brain.

2 – Make good study habits 

Making and maintaining good study habits is crucial for most of your life, especially in high school. Find a quiet, distraction-free place for studying and schedule a regular time to do your homework. One way to improve study habits is to break down big tasks into smaller ones that are less overwhelming. Dividing up tasks and taking breaks can help you with stress and burnout. Using study techniques such as flashcards, summarizing notes, and teaching the material to someone else can help reinforce learning and improve memorization.

3 – Build good relationships

While middle school can be a hard time to make friends and find where you fit in, it can also be a great time to build lasting friendships. Seek out friends with whom you have things in common and have a good time overall. Be compassionate and welcoming. It’s critical to surround yourself with supportive people who make you grow positively. Don’t be hesitant to ask teachers and school counselors for advice or assistance. Finding a teacher you can talk to can give you beneficial guidance and support.

4 – Prepare for high school

Some of the most important advice I can give you is to start preparing for high school in 8th grade. Going into high school not knowing what you want to do or what to expect can lead to stress and leave you feeling unprepared. Some ways to get yourself ready for your next 4 years of high school are talking to upperclassmen about their experiences, attending high school events such as a football game or band concert, and thinking about programs and classes you might be interested in joining. By getting ready for high school beforehand, you can ensure that you start your freshman year with confidence and that your adjustment will be easier.

5 – Embrace responsibility 

One of the biggest adjustments that you will face in eighth grade is the increase in responsibility. Teachers and parents will often expect more independence in managing things such as homework, time, projects, and extracurricular activities. Embrace this responsibility by having good organizational skills. Use a planner or digital app to track your schedule and deadlines for assignments. Learning to prioritize tasks and manage your time will set you on a good path for high school and your life afterward.

Your 8th-grade year will be one of development, responsibilities, preparation, and also fun. By accepting these changes with a positive attitude and a proactive approach, you can make the most of this critical year and position yourself for future success.

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Imme Warner, Writer
Imme Warner is a freshman at Forest Grove High School. She likes hanging with friends, playing piano, and cooking.

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