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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

The Wonders of Crocheting

The Wonders of Crocheting

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As a person with mental health issues, I believe that hobbies are very important for one’s sanity. Many people enjoy hobbies such as drawing, dancing, playing sports, and playing video games, but they neglect to explore more “old-fashioned” pastimes. One of the most satisfying “old-fashioned” hobbies, in my opinion, is crocheting. 

Crocheting has so many benefits that no one talks about. For example, repetitive motions are very good for relieving stress. If you have had a long day at school or work or are just stressed in general, coming home to a comfortable chair, your crochet hook, and yarn, is much more than a comfortable thought. While sitting, twisting the yarn into beautiful designs, you can feel the stress dissipate through your fingers. Not only are you feeling more relaxed and happy, you also have the joy of accomplishment. 

When I finished my first project, I was so proud of myself. The first thing I made was a large blue blanket. When I was first learning, I would stop crocheting and learn how to do something else. It took me about a year to make my huge blanket. At that time, I only knew how to go side to side, but I didn’t know how to make circles yet. The year after, I made all my friends scarves for Christmas. Within 2 months I had finished about 5 more projects. I believe that the joy that comes with these accomplishments is very helpful to pull someone out of their melancholy mood. 

Such a hobby as crocheting, there are cliches of people who also enjoy crocheting. Through these connections, one can learn many new techniques while also making friends who enjoy the same things. This will greatly improve one’s mental health by allowing them to connect with the people around them socially. This could help someone realize that they are not alone in whatever they may be struggling with in their life. 

Crocheting can also allow some people to earn money while doing what they love. It may not be the most stable or successful job, but selling your projects is good to feel happy that someone will now have a new friend, or article of clothing, that you put your hard work into. One issue that may come up with this choice is that one may feel overwhelmed with either the orders people are requesting or simply feeling overwhelmed with pricing or how many items one has made. Other than these few drawbacks, this is a wonderful way to earn some money, while also getting rid of clutter from finished products. 

When I first started learning crocheting, I didn’t know where to look for resources. My favorite place to look for yarn that I’ve found is actually yard/garage sales. My best haul was at a church sale 2 years ago. I got a huge box full to the brim of about $70 worth of yarn for only $15. Goodwill and other thrift stores are also good places to look for bags of yarn for cheap prices. Crochet patterns can also be rather spendy, so it’s good to dig through YouTube and online websites for cool patterns. I also think in the long run, buying books is much more helpful and cheaper than buying individual patterns.

Good luck with your crochet adventures! 

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Mitchell Sherman is a sophomore who lives with her grandparents, dogs, and other pets. Her hobbies include but are not limited to, crocheting, sewing, herbology, gardening, and baking.

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