The Truth About Chores

Bianca Bermejo, Writer

August 25, 2018

I’ve never particularly liked doing chores, they’re not fun, they mess with my time, and frankly sometimes I wish they didn't exist. They especially become a burden when you live in a house with more people than rooms, wh...

Washington County Self-Defense

Killian Lynch

August 25, 2018

Washington County is offering self-defense and situational awareness classes for women in the county. The aim of these classes is to teach women and girls that having a voice and being aggressive is okay and often admirable. Th...

Faris Buehler

Mitchell Faris and Claire Buehler

August 25, 2018

Dear Faris Buehler, How do I stay on top of my school work and homework? Sincerely, A Concerned Student Dear Concerned Student, There are several ways to stay on top of your work, so don’t fear, Faris Buehler is here! ...

November Horoscopes

Helen Thias, Writer

August 25, 2018

November Horoscopes   Scorpio: The Friendly Turkey (Oct.23-Nov.21) You’ve been feeling distant from your friends lately. Not by choice, but because you’ve been busy with school work and other responsibilities, but don’t worry, as the S...

Breaking Down The Walls Follow Up

Stevie Walker, Writer

August 25, 2018

Breaking Down the Walls Q&A When I walked into the gym on the morning of Breaking Down the Walls, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. On many levels, I was excited. On other levels, I was a little nervous. I had no idea ...

Kaleo Concert Review

Tara Palazuelos, Arts & Entertainment Editor

August 25, 2018

As soon as the Crystal Ballroom lit up its marquis on Monday, October 24th, the crowd went wild with anticipation. In less than an hour, the concert would be underway. The excitement of seeing The Wind and The Wave, Bishop Briggs,...

Viking House: A Work In Progress

Bianca Bermejo and Victoria Murgia

August 25, 2018

The Viking House program is one that was established in 1973 by Birt Hansen and it is an incredible program that has successfully built a house every year following the construction of their first house in 1975. It is a program ...

Reed College Review

Maggie Hatt, Writer

August 25, 2018

Reed College Location: Portland, Oregon Enrollment: 1,400 Acceptance Rate: 31% SAT/ACT: 2055/31 (average scores of those accepted into the class of 2020) Tuition: $51,850 Athletics: n/a Mascot: Griffin Colors: Richmo...

Fall Musical: High School Musical

Jessica Brewer, Writer

August 25, 2018

Get ready to tap into childhood memories, because this year's musical is High School Musical. All of the singing and dancing wrapped up into one performance that will leave you wanting to sing along.     This upbeat story...

Veteran’s Day Assembly

Jacqueline Frawley, Guest Writer

August 25, 2018

On Thursday, Nov. 10, the students of FGHS gave a warm welcome to nearly 100 veterans from our community. At our 15th annual Veteran’s Day assembly, the choir sang, the orchestra played, and Forest Grove was given the chance...

My Hispanic Heritage

Bianca Bermejo, Writer

August 25, 2018

There has been a consistent and ill formed portrayal of the Hispanic person in American Society. We as people have been portrayed in the media as uneducated, hot headed, and, for lack of a better word, stupid. We are the fiery ...

The Voting Problem

Ruby Van Dyk, Editor in Chief

August 25, 2018

I turned 18 this last month, and although the cake and the gifts were wonderful, there was one thing that I got that I’d been waiting for, for a very long time. No, it wasn’t a car, or a tattoo, or a pack of cigarettes, it was...