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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

Lethal Company Game Review

Lethal Company Game Review

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Lethal Company by Zeekerss can be described as a post-apocalyptic space-themed horror game, that can even be argued as a comedy. The game follows you being assigned a ship and crew after you’re employed to “The Company,” traveling to various moons and collecting scrap to deliver to the company’s front desk. You have a quota you must reach, if you fail this goal, a disciplinary action will ensue, that being that you and the crew get ejected into space.

You start off with $60 and a computer that you can use to travel and buy items. This is your company-issued console computer, it’s incredibly important for your crew to progress further in the game. With a total of eight moons to choose from, there’s a total of three that actually cost money to travel to, between $550 – $700. The moons are listed as follows.

  • Experimentation
  • Assurance
  • Vow
  • Offense
  • March
  • Rend
  • Dine
  • Titan

Selecting one of these moons, you are then sent hovering above the moon. As soon as your crew is ready, you flip the switch and you slowly descend in orbit to your destination’s drop-point. Weather also plays a key factor in making moons navigable, or at least easily since it varies. There are threats, but they aren’t prominent during the first starting hours of the expedition, as the moon is brimming with a plethora of alien-like creatures. Navigating throughout the exterior, your goal is to find the interior, via the main entrances, and the fire exits. The map inside is randomly generated meaning you could enter from wherever. Turrets and landmines are liabilities that could take your life, also mentioning jumping deep gaps. Indoor wildlife inhabitants are mostly hostile, these creatures being listed out in the following: Hoarding Bugs, Hydrodere’s, Bunker Spiders, Spore Lizards, Thumpers, Brackens, Coilheads, Snarefleas, and depending if you have purchased and explore an expensive moon, you can get Nutcrackers, and Jesters. There are some exceptions to the inside, some can travel outside or specifically dwell outside, for instance, the Ghost Girl and the Mimics can both travel inside and outside to stalk the players. Earth Leviathans, Forest Giants, Baboon Hawks, and Eyeless Dogs are outside as the evening threats. These deterrents make it difficult to traverse the inside to find enough scrap, successfully taking said scrap to the ship outside. Lethal Company is extremely brutal when it comes to first-time playthroughs, but also builds upon past mistakes, and teaches the player how to go about the same situations in better ways. After achieving your first quota and receiving your pay, it progressively increases, becoming higher and higher until you fail, or flop.


Lethal Company has an incredibly fun and interesting gameplay loop, atmosphere wise it knocks everything else out of the park. It is still in early development, so not everything is final. The community as a whole could be receiving new updates, so make sure to check out the game and support its development. It is also incredibly fun to play with friends and family since it’s a co-op game, forging golden memories for you and your friends to share with one another.

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