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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

The Upsides of Owning a Cat

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Around 33.9 – 65.5 million years ago, a creature by the name of Miacis roamed the earth with a plethora of very ancient animals. The Miacis often scavenged around for eggs and fruits, but had the capability to hunt small animals, such as mammals, reptiles, and birds. After a long period of time, a new dominant species of animal would emerge to the world being labeled as “big cats”. Boasting strong jaws, retractable claws, and the ability to roar, these big cats’ hunting techniques are usually the same; stalking and finding the right time to strike. Millions of years later, a variety of new types of big cats would emerge, but however, would slowly start to shrink. One of the first instances of undergoing domestication by humans was with Felis silvestris, otherwise known as the Wildcat.

Understanding the origins of these household cats, and that they aren’t as dangerous and lethal as their other family members, such as the big cats with the ability to hunt and kill large prey, what do these smaller cats have to offer? Studies show that cats are overall healthier to have rather than winging solo and that just the company of a cat is enough to reduce loneliness, stress, and anxiety! Cats aren’t always begging for attention, as a matter of fact, cats are rather independent but they don’t hate companionship. Engaging with your cat is also a nice way to form a bond or connection with each other, as some cats can be extremely playful compared to others. Usually, these felines are wonderful for those who are extremely busy, active, or away from home, and who don’t always have time to monitor their small little furry babies. Cats are great deterrents for rats and mice, with their ability to hunt they get rid of any unwanted creepy crawlies. You can find cats with suitable qualities for the way you live your life; maybe you’re an outdoorsy type of person, or maybe you just like sitting at home! What if you have cat allergies, maybe not critical, but want one nonetheless? You can get a cat that doesn’t shed as bad, with nice silky smooth fur that doesn’t get around the house! These unique furballs have a ton of different breeds, with various unique coats. Want an extremely fluffy cat to cuddle with? Get a Selkirk Rex! Want a cat with an entirely black coat or just a black cat in general? Get a Bombay cat! Beautiful coat pattern? American Shorthair! Entirely hairless? Sphynx cat!

The cats that we know today are incredibly beautiful and silly creatures descending from a long lineage of felines alike. Captivating our hearts through social media and anywhere else, these felines have a spot in a majority’s hearts for good reason, but mostly leaning in on the cute factors that make us adore them.

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