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June 13, 2024
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June 12, 2024
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June 12, 2024

New Beginnings of Fortnite


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After the month of OG Fortnite that was promised to us, Epic Games has made one of the biggest updates to the game in history. They have revamped all sorts of mechanics like the movement, weapons, and the map. One of the most controversial changes was the movement of the characters. According to Epic Games, they have made the movement “more realistic.” This is very controversial as they slowed down the movement by about 15%, also making it look much slower. Many players are very unhappy with this change as they thought the movement that has been with the game since launch is perfectly fine and there was no reason for changing it.

There is also a major problem with how they have changed the storm as well. While the map is now much larger than it was, it moves much faster in the beginning zones. This leads to many people who just want to land on the edge of the map for a slower game, dying to the poisonous storm. This makes the end game much slower-paced and honestly kind of boring. One good thing about their changes to the movement is that they made hurdling possible. In the past, it was very difficult to make it into small jumps and you had to either time the jump perfectly or just break the wall entirely. They also changed the whole way weapons are used. Every gun comes with a certain amount of attachments. Common guns come with no attachments, uncommon two, rare three, epic, and legendary four. These attachments can be changed in vaults where the attachment bench is located.

Another massive thing Fortnite has added is the Lego collab. Lego Fortnite has been introduced and it is already a major hit in the community. It is a rival to Minecraft and many people are already liking it more. They added things like villages and NPCs that can join your village. The goal of the game is to reach village level ten, which is a lot easier said than done. I think that the game is really fun and I recommend everyone who plays Fortnite to give it a try. They have changed many skins and emotes to be linked with this game mode. They spent a lot of time syncing the emotes with the skins as it is very well done and looks very good.

Another change that they made was the map and graphics. They have made the graphics look a lot more realistic, even going to the extent of reactive grass when you walk on it. They have also brought back certain mechanics like swimming and augments that they had to get rid of when they went back to the OG season as those things did not exist at that time.

To give an honest review of the season, I honestly think it’s a very creative season and there are many good ideas but there are some things that they could have executed better on. Many people think that they should have stayed with the original season but I think that spicing the game up with something new was the right thing to do and in general, they did a very good job in doing so

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Lucas Van Dyke is an eleventh-grader at Forest Grove High School. He likes to play basketball and baseball. He has one dog.

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