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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

The Moon


It’s 2 am, and I wake up to an alert on my phone saying, “Do not look at the moon!!! Stay inside!!! Do not look at the moon!!! Lock all doors and windows and doors!!! Cover any windows!!!”

I start to freak out!!! What do I do!?! Should I or should I not trust the alert? What if it’s fake? But what if it’s real? I decide to look out the window, but to avoid looking at the moon just to see if anyone is outside and what outside even looks like. I pull open the curtains and peek out the window, trying not to look at the moon. I fear what power the moon has over me. Everything looks normal to me, as nothing’s different. I see my neighbor outside. She looks up at the moon…

I watch to see what happens. A good two seconds go by. Her blond hair slowly starts to turn an ashy brown. Her hair starts to grow both longer and thicker, making her appear more beast-like. Crusty, yellow-tinted nails, appearing chipped and cracked with dirt packed underneath, replaced her once freshly manicured nails, which had a rose hue. Her nails start to sharpen into points. Finally, her transformation is complete as her ground-down, dull, off-white teeth sharpen into points similar to a dog’s. The moon has transformed her into a werewolf!!! I can’t look away, stunned at what just happened.

To my inconvenience, the werewolf locked eyes with me! Her eyes are blood red, filled with rage and hunger, like a predator looking for its next meal. It starts charging towards me at full speed. I finally moved away from the window, flying down three stairs. A sharp pain shoots up my leg as I’m coming down the last flight of stairs. My ankle’s throbbing. I want to stop running, but I have to keep going. Blood gushing out. It’s hard to keep going, but I try to keep running and ignore the pain and blood. I’m running as fast as I can, given my condition and weak state.

My lungs burn, and my heart feels like it’s going to explode in two seconds, like a bomb waiting to go off. The werewolf starts to gain more speed and power, getting closer and closer to me, about two seconds away from attacking me. In hopes of surviving, I decided to look at the moon!!! I turn around and stare straight at the moon as I start to become covered in thick, long, ashy brown hair, just like the werewolf in front of me getting closer and closer as I succumb to life as a crazed werewolf unable to think anymore.

I no longer know what time it is, but I didn’t listen to the alert on my phone, and look where I am now!!! I survived when I chose not to listen to the alert on my phone. I regret nothing I did tonight because I survived. Even if I became a mindless, crazed werewolf because a werewolf survives where a human can’t…

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Pheobee King, Writer
Pheobee King is a senior in high school. She likes creative writing, has 15 cats, and can do the splits.

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