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June 12, 2024

Fornite Revisist its Prime Days



Fortnite has recently decided to go back in time in the lore of the history of the game. Kado Thorne, the main villain in Chapter 4, Season 4, created a time machine underneath the POI Eclipse Estate to take everyone back to the Chapter 1, Season 5 map. This is what most OG players have been asking for ever since they stripped us of the beautiful creation of that map. However, the map is not the only thing that comes back from the past with this update. It brought us things like the old graphics, item shop, loot pool, supply drops, and llamas. 

This update has brought joy to every single player and the Epic Games team that made this decision. I say this because Fortnite has just broken its record for the most people playing at one time. This record looked like it was going to be set in stone forever back in chapter one when it happened, but this update brought so many old players who wanted to experience the nostalgia just one last time and brought all the new players who had just recently started playing. There were also very long queue times when the update first went live, some got up to around 30 minutes. This is something that we had not seen since the release of Chapter 1, Season 5,  and even then, the queue times were not this long.

One weapon that has made its long-awaited return is the pump shotgun. Even though it’s not the pump that we remembered that could do 200+ damage with each headshot or switch between two of them to shoot faster or even line up the shot perfectly so it could turn into a sniper when it had no damage drop off, it is still loved by everyone. No one will forget the memories they had with this gun, and just its look, feel, and sound brings back memories that just make us happy. Another gun that holds a special place in my heart and in the hearts of many OG players is the Heavy Assult Rifle. This gun used to be so outrageously good, yet it was always underrated. It had an amazing range, a good spray pattern, and spectacular damage. It can be found today in the loot pool, and while it has gotten nerfed just like the pump, it still flows the feeling of nostalgia into the veins every time you see one pop out of a chest.

Epic Games has made the decision to keep this OG Fortnite map for only one month, from November 2nd to December 2nd. Then, they will go back to their normal timeline and start Chapter 5, Season 1. The decision to make this season only one month is not appreciated by many as they would have liked Epic to keep the game this way as they think it would be better for the game and the culture. However, all good things have to come to an end at some point. If they left it here, we would become used to it, and it would no longer be the special place in our hearts that it needed to be.

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Lucas Van Dyke is an eleventh-grader at Forest Grove High School. He likes to play basketball and baseball. He has one dog.

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