Colors of the Rainbow Ranking

Image via Clker

Image via Clker

Ava Rapport

We all know and love the six colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  Everyone has been singing songs about them since they were little, and everyone has a favorite. In this ranking, the truly superior length of light waves will be revealed to the public.

Sixth place goes to the second color of the rainbow, orange. Orange has some things going for it. It’s a tropical and fun color, associated with fruit and autumn. However, anything orange does, other colors usually do better. A red or yellow will often convey emotion better than an orange. Even bright oranges can be bland and frequently overlooked. Orange doesn’t tend to stand out in a crowd. That’s not to say it’s a bad color, it just doesn’t have the same emotional impact as the rest and tends to be forgettable.

Yellow is the third color of the rainbow and gets a fifth-place participation sticker. While there are some exquisite shades of yellow, most are either too bland or too bright and burn your eyes. Yellow is excellent at representing the meanings it does, such as optimism, hope, and happiness. However, it doesn’t have the same versatility as other colors do and is limited. Few shades of yellow are actually usable, and it doesn’t have as many strong meanings as its brethren. I would consider every color after this place to be amazing and worthy of being anyone’s favorite.

The sixth color of the rainbow and fourth place is purple. Now, purple is by no means a dull color. You have deep purples, pale lavender, and everything in between. Every shade of purple hits hard and looks gorgeous. Purple represents royalty, luxury, and mystery. It is rarer than other colors, in nature and in things made by humans, which makes seeing it special. Purple is calm and quiet, and isn’t overstaying its welcome. The reason purple only gets fourth place is because the higher-ranked colors convey a wider range of emotions better. However, purple has respectable qualities and isn’t overused.

Third place goes to green, the fourth color of the rainbow. Green is an exemplary color. It is the serenity and peacefulness of nature, the vile sting of venom and envy, and the subtle cheerfulness found in pastel mint. Green can be vitality, yet can also be poison, it can be calming and creepy. There is no job that green can’t do. When there’s a beautiful shade of green, your jaw drops in awe. The only thing holding it back is the awful puke color we can’t help but think of when this color’s shades are mentioned. The smelly snotty fart green with flies around it, yuck. Green could potentially be number one if it wasn’t for those leeches of shades.

Second place is an extremely popular color, and you might be surprised that it isn’t number one. It’s the fifth color of the rainbow, blue! Blue has everything that green does wonderfully, without the nasty shades. Blue is calm skies, fierce oceans, the most vibrant butterflies, and aged wisdom. Blue is simple yet complex. The problem is that blue is too widely beloved, so it is overused. When it comes to color favorites, blue is commonly chosen. While rare in nature, it is everywhere in human-designed spaces. The sight of blue becomes basic and too ordinary to be special anymore. Many shades of blue are also bland and easily overlooked. The color overall is outstanding, but its overuse holds it back.

The first color of the rainbow is ranked as the best color! Red is perfect because of its wide emotional range and striking bright appearance. When something is the color red, it will grab your attention. You simply cannot ignore red. It can also represent a variety of things. Love, anger, passion, power, and pain can all be conveyed with the color red. Pink is a popular and pretty color and is a shade of red, so red also has that going for it. Every shade of red is gorgeous, grabs your attention, and expresses emotion. Red is the best color because when you see red, you feel something.