Education Should Be Free


You genuinely don’t know what will happen after you turn eighteen. It’s a terrifying process that many people go through. The idea of becoming an adult and controlling oneself is pretty frightening because there are so many new changes taking place in your life. It’s often said that it’s up to you whether or not to pursue continuous education. But if they can’t actually afford it, how will people choose that? I think that everyone in the world should have free access to education. Many people’s goals and dreams will continue if there are more people inspired to pursue their education. Additionally, it will contribute to social reform.


By having free education many people will be able to have access to many new things. The knowledge everyone will have will help create the world a better place. So many people will have the opportunity to study. Many people around will be experts at something unique. According to the university of people “ When people are more educated, they can solve problems better. This means that society can progress at a faster rate.”  Wouldn’t it be cool to have so much knowledge that we would be able to solve societal problems much faster? I think the world would be a much better place because it would be able to run at a higher rate. Many will have the knowledge of answers we’ve been looking for or struggles the world has been facing. The economy and workforce would be rising which is something the world really needs.


I dont think it’s fair that in order to succeed in your dream you have to pay so much for it when many people don’t have that option. How will eighteen year olds have access to thousands of dollars getting out of high school? It’s impossible. Many parents already have so much going on in their life they really can’t afford it either. This is outrageous. According to education data “The outstanding federal loan balance is $1.617 trillion and accounts for 92.7% of all student loan debt.” This means so many are in debt. Many even stay in debt their whole life for just choosing to follow their dreams and get an education that would help them further on. I don’t think a person’s personal academic achievements should get in the way due to not having money.


Free education would contribute to a better society. Additionally, the number of people who are employable for high-skilled occupations would rise as more people get access to a college education. The number of people entering the workforce will increase as a result, which may help close the income gap between the upper, middle, and lower class. Many people will be able to pursue their ambitions and receive free education. The number of jobs held by those with the necessary education to operate anything will increase significantly. People won’t have to be concerned about debt for the rest of their lives. It will inspire students to enroll in college and finish their individual degrees.