The Inheritance Games Book Summary; Part 4

The Inheritance Games Book Summary; Part 4

Alise Morency

The first book in The Inheritance Games series, acclaimed by The New York Times Bestseller young adult fantasy trilogy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The Inheritance Games is a book full of puzzles, plot twists, emotion, and tension with an interesting take on games. The Inheritance Games has plot twists from the very beginning and will keep you guessing throughout the book.

When the car slowed, Oren was there with a team behind him waiting for Avery. Oren tells Avery that they’re going to have a talk. Avery barely slept at all that night and eventually woke to her phone ringing. When Avery picked up her phone, Max immediately asked where she got the car. Avery told her where but quickly became more alert and asked how she knew. Max tells her that a helicopter took a picture and says, “Equally important, are you having a torrid affair with Jameson Hawthorne and should plan for a spring wedding”. Avery tells her it’s not like that but Max doesn’t believe her. She says she has to live with them for a year and she is going to be seen with them. Avery says she can’t hook up with Jameson because he is still hooked up on Emily. There was a knock at the door and Avery hung up the phone. Oren spent over an hour going over protocols. Avery tells Oren that she’ll be good but Oren says she won’t but he’ll be better.


Avery walked into her next class with Xander beside her. There were only two seats open, one next to Thea and one next to a girl with red hair. Xander sat down next to Thea so Avery made her way over to the other seat. Avery introduced herself and the girl says her name is Rebecca Laughlin and her grandparents work at Hawthorne house. Rebecca shows Avery how to turn in assignments on her tablet. When she was done Avery noticed Rebecca’s background on her tablet. Rebecca and another girl were smiling at the camera. She asks if that is her sister. Rebecca says she was, she died. Avery asks if her name was Emily, and Rebecca says she would have been very interested in meeting Avery.


Oren and Avery pulled up outside of the foundation. The walls were lined with photographs of people from all over the world. Grayson appeared behind her and told her Zara wasn’t coming. Avery asks if Grayson took the photos and he said his grandfather told him that he had the eye to see the world to change it. Avery says Zara must’ve heard about his threats because she didn’t want to work with Grayson. Grayson tells her they finished the background check on her. The folder he gives her has nothing in it. She has purchased nothing since the inheritance. He says he won’t apologize for being overprotective. She tells him he’s wrong, she tried to give money to a friend. She tells him about Harry and Grayson asks if he is homeless then makes a comment saying she needs an education. He gives her a tour of the building and tells her the foundation will be her’s once she turns twenty-one. She is about to tell him she’s sorry but he tells her not to. They talked about the foundation and how it works and by the time they were done, Avery’s head was spinning. Grayson got a call from Nash and while he was on the phone, Avery looked at the map of Hawthorne property. She noticed there was a label, The Black Wood, and it was by The Brook. On the west side of the property. Blackwood and Westbrook. Grayson put a hand on her shoulder and tells her Nash called and it was about her sister.