There is More Than the Surface We See- A Walk to Remember


Hayley Reyes Leon and

A walk to remember is an early 2000s classic romance movie that demotores growing up and how it is being a teenager. This movie in particular stands out to me because I think it has a lot of relatable universal messages many need to hear.Do you sometimes wonder if there is more to a person than their physical appearance? In A walk to remember Jamie struggles with negativity due to the way she dresses. Many make fun of her but she never seemed to care. She always expressed herself by the things that amuse her. People always looked down on her including a guy named Landon who later on sees her differently. 


I feel like many times people have a perception of someone due to how they seem to appear. It could be by the way they dress, the people they hangout with, the things they admire, or sometimes there isn’t even a reason for people to dislike one another. It’s like they are judging a book by its cover without not knowing what’s inside that book. They are simply judging it by what the book has to offer from the outside.This is why this movie is one of my favorites because I feel like many can relate to it. Jamie was this sweet kind person who absolutely loved reading, theater and would spread nothing but kindness, but a majority didn’t see that, they saw a girl who wears the same sweater everyday and who is very religious.I think it’s important to never judge something you don’t know because they could have so much more to offer or the way they seem can reflect the things they are dealing with.

Landon saw Jamie the same way many people did, but he got in so much trouble that he had to do community hours and do a play at church. He knew Jamie his whole life and never changed his perception of her. He had to do really well in order to fix his mistakes and asked Jamie for help. They would read their lines after school. Landon started to see how Jamie really was, but she made it clear in the beginning that he had to promise not to fall in love with her. He saw it as a joke and said that won’t be a problem and was very sure of it. Landon was embarrassed to be seen with her. Jamie was hurt by this, so she stopped communicating with him. But he felt like he started feeling something for her. Once the performance came Jamie had a whole new look. Landon was amused by her because he thought she looked so beautiful and was entranced by the way she sang. That’s when he came to realize he loved her. He finally saw what she had to give and he started to not care what others thought all he cared about waa Jamie’s happiness and all the ways he could protect her


I recommend this movie to many people, especially younger audiences because it’s important to get to know a person before assuming anything about them.I think nowadays we struggle a lot with that because people tend to judge someone so quickly. I personally dislike that alot, and I believe everyone should give someone a chance and have the time to know them before saying anything about them. I think this message needs to be heard more often.