The Sturniolo Triplets


Image via Young Hollywood

Aubry-Jean Morgan

Matt, Chris, and Nick Sturniolo started YouTube on October 1, 2020. The triplets got the idea to start making videos at the beginning of COVID. They had been telling all the teachers at school that they wanted to start a YouTube channel when they graduated, and none of them were looking forward to four more years of school. They were just bored, and that’s how their YouTube channel started. They documented themselves taking a trip to Dollar Tree and McDonald’s as their first video. They became so famous on YouTube because they are relatable people. 


The triplets were born on August 1, 2003. As they were growing up, their mother was very involved in the triplets’ lives as she had also been with their older brother. They were very well-liked and did everything together. “There was never, like, a sense of doing things alone,” Nick quotes in an interview. When they were in school and they would get an award for something, they would get called up as “the triplets,” not by their names. 


When the triplets started growing up, Nick looked a bit different from Matt and Chris, and sometimes he wouldn’t feel welcome in their group of guy friends. He started to hang out with girls more, and in eighth grade he started to think he was gay. He came out to some of his female friends, then some of his guy friends, and finally to Matt, Chris, and his mom. In 2020, he came out to everyone on an Instagram post, which came as a shock to many people. 


The triplets give off genuine energy in their videos. They seem truly happy and like they want to be there and do what they’re doing. They have barely any time to plan what they are going to do in their videos, and only know about 30 minutes before they shoot what their topic even is. They ask their fans to give them ideas for content quite often, they say they do it because the fans are the ones watching.  

In their videos, the boys used to use their mom’s minivan to go on their adventures. Recently, their talent agent helped them sign a deal with Toyota, though she won’t reveal how. Matt is the only one with a driver’s license so he’s the one who drives, Chris sits in the passenger seat, and Nick is in the back. He is in the back, but he’s in charge of making the videos and starting the conversations. 


Not only are the triplets funny and relatable, but they also cover serious topics like sexuality and mental health. Nick shares about his coming out journey, Chris talks about his stress and loneliness, and Matt talks about his anxiety. In one video, Nick sat and talked about his coming out journey, and the boys made it aware that if any of their fans needed someone to talk to about their sexuality, they would be welcome to talk to them. They want to support their fans and try their best to make that known.