Places To Travel To


Image via Town and Country Magazine

Gladys Garcia Vasquez

There are so many places on earth to travel to. Where you should go depends on the weather and the things that you like to explore. Many countries have different things to experience and enjoy.



Paris is one of the most visited places, and it’s a popular place in Europe to plan a trip to. Most people like to visit Paris because of the Eiffel Tower, the Louver museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris has a rich history, and it is the home of the famous Mona Lisa. They also have exquisite cafe shops, gastronomy, wine, and the view. If you want to feel rich or enjoy the antique vibes, Paris would be the best place to visit.



Rome is best known as the “eternal city” because the Ancient Romans believed that Rome would go on forever, no matter what happened to the earth. It is one of the top three most visited places in Europe. Rome is known because of their very old buildings, but there are more exciting things. Rome has more fountains than any other city in the world, and volunteers provide food and water for cats. People also prefer to travel by scooter rather than by car, which makes getting to places quicker because there isn’t traffic. Rome is a beautiful place to visit because it has a grand history that most places in the world don’t have. 



London is the capital of England, and it’s their biggest city. London is known for their history, its two-story busses, phone booths, and museums. They also have a tower bridge which most cities don’t have. People also like to visit London because of their famous food “fish and chips” and their English breakfast. A fact that people don’t know is that London is a forest. It doesn’t look like a forest, but the reason why it’s considered a forest is because of the many trees they have. 



Turkey is a place not everyone knows about. When most people want to travel, they think about the most popular places and not the underrated ones. Turkey is one of them. They also have a rich history, great food, and they have really neat traditions. There are kind people all around, and the climate is perfectly warm weather. They also love tea, they drink tea at least once a day and it’s the first thing they offer to people when they come over to their house. The evil eye is really popular in most cultures but it originally comes from Turkey, especially the blue color one that protects you from evil and negative energy.



If you are planning on visiting Mexico you have to know the place you are going. Many places in Mexico don’t allow visitors, especially if you weren’t born there. The most popular places in Mexico are Mexico City and Cancun. People love to go to Mexico because of their food, the culture, the parties they like to do especially during Christmas, their independence, and their beaches, mainly Cancun. People also go to Mexico because of their alcoholic beverages. They have tequilas that the U.S. might not have. You can visit the Mayan Ruins and learn about the Mayans. There is also music that the mariachis play, and the popular food and traditional breakfast such as chilaquiles. If you are planning to visit Mexico, have caution because it’s not a safe place because there are a lot of robberies. People steal other people’s stuff. However, Mexico is a place where you can experience a great culture.