The Newest Chapter In Harry Styles’ Story


Image via Thrillist

Ava Barnes

Born in Redditch, England in 1994, Harry Styles has been a worldwide popstar since 2010. His big break began on The X Factor, where he became part of the British-Irish boyband, One Direction. After a successful five years, the band went on a hiatus (2016-present) and Styles kicked off his solo career with his self-titled album and a role in Dunkirk in 2017. Two years later, Fine Line was released and Love on Tour was kicked off to support the album. Unfortunately, the tour had lots of rescheduling and cancellations due to the pandemic. 

Love on Tour is going on and will end in July 2023. The 2022 leg of the tour has been a different style than the beginning of the tour. Starting with Styles’ clothes, where he’s started to let go of the high-waisted trousers, button-downs, and suspenders that were iconic in the Fine Line era. He is now experimenting with patterns, bright colors, and sequins, finishing the outfits with tennis shoes instead of heeled boots. Another change that came with the 2022 leg of the tour is Styles’ band. Mitchell Rowland has been with Styles since the start, being the lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Sarah Jones, Styles’ drummer, and Ny Oh, who is usually on piano and keyboard, have also been in Styles’ band for years. Some new additions to the band are Pauli Lovejoy on percussion and Elin Sandberg on bass. Dancing around the stage with Styles and expertly playing their instruments, they make the concerts even more memorable.

Another big change is the songs Styles is singing. On May 20, 2022, Styles released his third studio album, Harry’s House. The album quickly became the quickest-selling album in 2022 and was nominated for the 2022 Mercury Music Prize. The album is said to be Styles’ most introspective and exploratory album. The album takes a lot of inspiration from pop and synth-pop. The lyrics for this album are phenomenal and intricate, and the songs make for exciting concerts. 

Aside from new music and a tour, Styles has also been in two movies recently. Styles’ played the main male character, Jack Chambers, in Don’t Worry Darling, a psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde. He co-starred with Florence Pugh. The movie has been very successful, and so far making a global total of $78.2 million. Even more recently, Styles starred in My Policeman, playing a secretly gay police officer. This movie has stirred up more rumors and speculation than usual about Styles’ sexuality,  which he expresses is “unlabeled.” 

Earlier in 2022, around April,  Styles performed at Coachella for the first time. Downing a black fur coat and a sequined jumpsuit on the first night, Styles jumped around the stage for 80 minutes. During the show, Canadian singer and songwriter Shania Twain made a special appearance and sang a few songs with him. During the show, Styles performed his single,  As It Was, for the first time live, along with two other songs from  Harry’s House before its release. On the second night of Styles’ weekend at Coachella, he wore a pink and silver leather suit, decorated with gems, sequins, cherries, and strawberries. Styles’ initials were featured on the back of his pants. To top it all off, Styles dramatically revealed the outfit by wearing a floor-length bubblegum pink fur coat, which he then eventually dropped to the floor. Styles sang with another famous pop star, Lizzo, on his last night of Coachella 2022. 

2022 has been thrilling for the globally known superstar. From tours to movies, to a new album and more, Styles has been busy. With a year like this, 2023 is bound to be full of excitement for Harry Styles.