The History of Pink Floyd

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Kasandra Williams

1965 was the year the famous band named Pink Floyd came about. The early 60’s was a very carefree, loving, and open minded time for everyone. Forming a band was the “coolest” and easiest thing to do with friends. Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Syd Barret, Nick Mason, and Bob Klose were all together in the coming of Pink Floyd. 2 years later in 1967, Pink Floyd released their first album, ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’. 


Pink Floyd released 6 albums throughout the 60’s but not much publicity luck. In 1972 their first popular album was released ‘Obscured by Clouds’. The 60’s and 70’s were a time of psychedelic peace and Pink Floyd’s music was just that. Their sound was appealing to the young hippie lifestyle of the people back then. There were a lot of musical bands and groups that sounded very similar to Pink floyd such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin but nothing was quite like Pink Floyd 


Not only was the sound of the music hypnotizing but their meaningful and passionate lyrics about the earth and people captured people in a way that other bands couldn’t. Continuing to make super popular music throughout the 70’s, Their record breaking album ‘Dark side of the moon’ sold more than 30 million copies around the world. Pink Floyd now became a worldwide band. They beat The Beatles, Rolling Stones and even Led zeppelin. 


The more songs and albums Pink Floyd released, the more light and popularity they gained. Every album was successful, They kept their original sound, original vibe and that is what people loved about them. Pink Floyd keeping a constant sound with little differences in each song was entertaining for many people. Their lyrics were very deep within nature and talking about someone’s life situations or explaining the struggles in life. The 70’s were a very peace loving, nature loving group of people. Anyone could dance, sing, or sit and think about Pink FLoyd’s music. Having the psychedelic sound and deep lyrics allowed someone to escape reality while listening to them. 


Pink Floyd also had amazing and surreal live performances. They brought so many different elements to their live performances. The audience would always interact with Pink Floyd’s sound whether it would be singing or dancing, and Pink Floyd would have gigantic air balloons of different animals or constant confetti flowing around the audience. The energy was so captivating that people kept going back to see them live and to go around and buy their albums every day. 


To this day, Pink Floyd is still such a big band all around the world. They still have surreal concerts and people streaming or buying music and records from them. Their records are still getting more and more popular with “vintage” style coming back to everything again. Pink Floyd never changed their originality even after going through many decades of different and changing sounds of evolving artists all around them.