Never Let Fear Strike You Out From Playing the Game…


Hayley Reyes Leon

In the great film “A Cinderella Story,” a young woman who lost her father but never gave up on herself is depicted. Her childhood aspiration was to attend Princeton. She put in a lot of effort and consistently got good grades. Frequently referred to as this “diner girl,” but she didn’t care what people thought of her. Nevertheless, she persisted in believing in herself and going after her aspirations despite obstacles.


Sam frequently lacked self-confidence; she even said that “sometimes fantasy is better than reality.” Therefore, it is better to indulge in fantasies since occasionally the things we love and crave are not what they seem to be. She felt particularly connected to this one person who gave her a sense of affection and concern. She felt comfortable being herself with him, and he was eager to meet her at a Halloween dance. She danced all night and had a fantastic time, living her fairytale. Later, she was forced to depart without identifying herself because she lacked confidence. If he knew who she really was, she worried that he wouldn’t like her. But she never disguised herself; she always left her true self even behind a mask. He didn’t know who she was, but she was aware of who he was. She eventually asserted herself after being moved by a quotation her father had written on the wall of the diner: “Never let the fear strike you down from playing the game”. Sam was inspired by this to show the world that she is more than what people think of her by speaking up for herself. Sam defended herself against her stepmother, who would frequently tell her, “You’re not very pretty, and you’re not very smart,” but she was more than that. Despite her overall physical look, she had more to offer. It took Austin some time to realize how truly valuable she was, but he remembered the person who had always urged him to pursue his dream of being a writer rather than a football player, as his father had always preferred. Sam was accepted to her dream school, Princeton, after refusing to be intimidated by her stepmother and sisters and accepting herself without fear.


It’s important to watch this film because sometimes individuals are hesitant to be themselves. They believe they are incapable of achieving their goals. They believe that being themselves is inadequate or that it is something they lack, but in actuality, being oneself is the most original thing you can do. Sam believed Austin wouldn’t like her, but in reality, that didn’t stop her from being who she was. Because she was aware of who she was and wasn’t, she understood she shouldn’t alter who she was for anyone, and if Austin didn’t like her for who she was, she would move on. Once Austin was sure who Sam was he didn’t hesitate to chase after her at all or defend her from the people who were cruel towards her, Austin let her go home crying from all the embarrassment her step sisters put her through. Which despaired  Sam quite a lot because that showed her that he really didn’t love her for the way she truly was, instead he stayed and didn’t go after her. This is important to know because many want to change for a person or be someone they aren’t so they come to be seen as something they aren’t, but in reality, no one should have to change in order to please someone. Being yourself should be enough and if they aren’t accepting of that they really don’t see the worth within you and the things you bring in. This message is important for many to receive because growing up can make you see things differently, but you should never hide from what you truly are.

  In essence, you should stay true to who you are and not alter it for anyone. There shouldn’t be a problem if you’re engaged in activities that make you happy and that you love. If someone doesn’t accept you for who you are, don’t change who you are for them; instead, look for someone who will. Even when others try to stop you, it’s crucial to pursue your dreams. Which is an essential message that various audiences need to hear. I urge everyone to watch this wonderful film since it imparts many things that are necessary for understanding your worth and the value you possess.