Which one will it be?…


Hayley Reyes Leon

For many years it has been debated whether the love interest of Bella Swan from the Twilight series was the better choice and I’m here to smash that debate. Although Jacob was always a nice caring friend to Bella who cared for her when she was at her lowest, Edward was always the one for Bella. Edward always challenges Bella in a good way and always makes her feel alive. He always wanted to protect and always respected Bellas’s decision.


Jacob was egotistical. Bella was quite vulnerable because she had been without Edward for some time. She had just lost her life’s love, and she was lost and heartbroken. Jacob chose to step in at that time, but he was aware that Bella wasn’t over Edward, so he inadvertently put some pressure on her to make up her mind and move on from him. In an effort to convince her, he would frequently assure her that he would never hurt her feelings in the same way that Edward did. However, if he had truly loved her, he would have waited until Bella had had time to process the events surrounding Edward. Instead, he opted to make it about him by seizing the opportunity. Edward didn’t like Bella’s decision, but he set his emotions aside and decided to support Bella with her decision even though that’s not what he wanted for her but he loved her enough to accept it. He never respected Bella’s decision when she wanted to become a vampire, the thing she always wanted, he was furious and wasn’t accepting it because he knew it wasn’t right for her. “Well, I’m so sorry that I can’t be the right kind of monster for you, Bella.” Jacob frequently made Bella feel terrible for not reciprocating his love and frequently compared himself to her. Because he doesn’t really want anything to do with Bella if he can’t love her romantically, it made Bella frightened to lose him. Which illustrates how self-centered a person can be at times for their own gain.


Even when doing so put his family in danger, Edward never failed to give himself up for Bella. Even the notion of her passing away, as in “New Moon,” made him feel as though his existence was meaningless. He had fallen head over heels in love with her. It demonstrates how much he cares for her that he even made the decision to leave her in order for her to be secure. Because letting go of someone you’re in love with is typically something that many individuals can do. He was enamored with Bella and often went out of his way to make her happy. Edward was a simple man who only desired Bella’s love, but he always went out of his way to fulfill her every want.” I would not live without Edward again; if he was leaving this world, then I would be right behind”. This demonstrates how much Bella loves Edward—simply being away tore her apart, and without him, she feels like her life is pointless. Bella never expressed her feelings for Jacob in such harsh terms, so being with Jacob—whom she loved but not romantically—didn’t help.


Edward was always the love of Bella’s life. He gave everything Bella deserved. Even though there were many obstacles their relationship went through at the end their love was strong enough to overcome anything they had to face. Bella knew that when she locked eyes with Edward he was the one and he has proven to be the one several times.