Prey for the Devil


Image via IMP

Jessica Aguilar-Resendiz

We’re pretty deep into October now, and as the spooky season approaches, all horror movie lovers are most certainly getting ready for new horror movies with lots of jumpscares, blood, guts, and unknown spirits. In that case, why don’t we go ahead and throw in some demonic possession while we’re at it? Prey for the devil is going to be a new and upcoming supernatural horror film directed by Daniel Stamm and written by Robert Zappia. The film is coming to theaters on October 28, 2022.


We are going to be given something totally different with this brand-new film. I’m sure we’re all familiar with exorcism films like The Conjuring, The exorcist, and the Annabelle series. Yet we don’t really pay attention to the fact that those movies usually have females as the victims of demonic possession while the saviors are played by men. However, in Prey for the Devil, we get something a little different this October, not only with the fact that the leading protagonist is a female but also due to the fact that she is the one that’s going to be doing the exorcism and breaking some long-held rules. 


The plot of Prey for the devil follows the opening of a new school that was set up by a catholic church in a time when mass panic and a concerningly big rise in demonic possessions. They plan to train new priests on how to perform exorcisms, and that’s when we meet an unlikely character in this story: a young nun, Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers). Although nuns are prohibited to perform exorcisms, a priest (Colin Salmon) recognizes Sister Ann’s gift, and he decides to disobey the rules and risk everything to train her. Sister Ann soon finds herself fighting for the soul of a little girl who she believes is being tormented by the same demon that had attacked her mother years ago. Prey for the devil also dug into the complicated relationship between Sister Ann and her mother. Once Sister Ann realizes that her mother’s depressive state is much eviler than she suspected, it’s fair to say that she ended up having some trauma.


Prey for the Devil has an exciting and amazing cast helping bring the story to life. The film’s main protagonist, Sister Ann, will be played by Jacqueline Byers, who fans might recognize from Bad Samaritan, Ordinary Days, Salvation, Timeless, and Roadies. There are said to be flashbacks of Sister Ann, where Debora Zhecheva plays young Ann. Zhecheva has appeared on screens pretty recently in 2019 in Child of Wisdom, Stalker: The Curse of the Zone, Chernobyl: Trails of the Past, and the show Authority. 


Father Quinn, who is Ann’s trainer, is portrayed by Colin Salmon. The actor has appeared in three James Bond films and as James “One” Shade in the Resident Evil series. He also recently played General Zod in the series Krypton. Also best known as Billy Flynn in the original West End production of Chicago, Ben Cross will portray Cardinal Matthews. He is also going to be joined by Christian Navarro as Father Dante. He will most likely be more recognized by fans for his role in Thirteen Reasons Why. 


Lisa Palfrey, also well-known for her appearances in Line of Duty, Pride, and Guest House Paradiso, will appear as Sister Euphemia. Nicholas Ralph will play Father Raymond. The actor is best known for playing James Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small. To complete the cast is Veliza Binev as Father Bernhard, known for his appearance in The Grey Zone, Endless Night, and Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing. 


And that’s a wrap on the Prey for the Devil movie. This seems like it’s going to be a really nice addition to most supernatural horror movies. I hope all of you horror fans are excited for this to come out in theaters and help bring in a scary atmosphere and get us ready for Halloween, when it drops on October 28, 2022.