2022 World Series Recap

Travis Hale

The 2022 World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros just ended and for the second time in franchise history, the Astros came out as champions, I’m not too fond of that because I don’t really like that team because they always bump my team the Yankees out of the playoffs. But It’s always an eventful World Series with them in it which can be fun to watch.


In game one, the Phillies took it away in a close game of 5-6. The Astros lead it off with an Alex Bregman bomb in the bottom of the second inning, making it 1-0. Then, the Astros kept piling onto the score with singles and then a 3-run home run from Tucker, putting them up 5-0. But then, the Phillies came out and made it a dogfight. Castellanos singled into left driving in Hoskins and advancing another runner to second making 1-5 in the fourth inning and then Bohm doubled and drove in the two runners on base also in the fourth. But in the fifth, they tied up with a double scoring two making it 5-5 then no one else scored until the tenth inning when Realmuto homered to right taking the lead, and then they held the Astros down in the bottom of the tenth and secured the win.


In game two, the Astros came out with the win 5-2. They were hot off the start with Altuve, Pena, and Alvarez all scoring and going up 3-0. Then we didn’t see any action until Bregman went deep in the bottom of the 5th and brought Alvarez along with him to touch home plate. But we were still seeing nothing from the Phillies until the 7th when Segura sac flyed and Castellanos scored making it 5-1. But then after the Phillies scored in the 9th from Bohm, they got shut down and the Astros took the dub.


In game three the Phillies took a big win 7-0! They came out hot with a Bryce Harper bomb scoring Schwaber making it 2-0. Then home run after home run came then it became 7-0 after all the home runs then they took the win and they tied the number of home runs hit in a single world series game “5”.


Game 4 was an upsetting one for the Phillies. The Astros threw a combined no-hitter in that game which was a big momentum shift in the series for them and probably was a big factor in them winning the whole thing. There were no home runs hit this game, which was the first time this series there were no home runs in a game which is very surprising with the number of great hitters each team has.


Game 5 was a close one with a 3-2 ending and the Astros coming out on top. It was a hit fest this game with the Phillies having 6 and the Astros 9. The only scores from the Phillies this game came from a Kyle Schwarber home run in the 1st and an RBI single in the 8th. The Astros had one homerun from Jeremey Pena and an RBI single and an RBI ground which led to their 3 runs.


In game 6 the final game of the series the Astros took it away with a 4-1 win. The Astros had 7 hits one being a 3-run homerun from Alvarez which I would say was the deal-breaker of the series. The Astros pitching this game was very good Framber Valdez sat down 9 and walked 2 also letting up 2 hits and 1 run. The relievers who came into the game were Neris, Abreu, and Pressly they had 1 hit and 3 strikeouts altogether.


This was a very good world series I really enjoyed it I can’t wait to see these two teams battle in the next season maybe even the Phillies could get some revenge but other than that I really liked this world series and I can’t wait to watch more of them.