Will the Philadelphia Eagles Stay Undefeated


Travis Hale, Writer

The Eagles are off to a fantastic start this year. They are 6-0 and plan to keep on going with this hot streak. We haven’t seen this type of play from the Eagles since their 2017 season which ended in a Super Bowl win and a Lombardi Trophy in the Eagles trophy room.

What we have seen from the Eagles so far is amazing. So far their Offense is 4th in Points scored and 3rd in Yards gained and their defense is 6th in points and 4th in yards. This team has a good chance of making it far this season and in the next seasons. They have a young star who I think is gonna develop and become one of the best in the NFL at the Quarterback position.

The Eagles made some good adjustments to their roster this last off-season. They traded for A.J Brown from the Titans on draft night and he immediately signed a 4-year 100m dollar extension with the Eagles. They also signed Haason Reddick to a 3-year 15 million dollar deal this off-season. They traded there 1st round draft pick Jalen Reagor to the Minnesota Vikings for late-round draft picks.
The Eagles have an excellent offense there led by their Quarterback Jalen Hurts following their wide receivers A.J Brown, Heisman Winner Devonta Smith, and Quez Watkins. Their tight end is Dallas Goedert and their offensive line consists of Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, Isaac Seumalo, Landon Dickerson, and Jordan Mailata. I really like their receiving core. It’s a very versatile position on their team they have guys like A.J Brown who is a Slot bully with a rare combination of brawn and quickness that allows him to separate with both power and foot quickness. They also have DeVonta Smith who’s a very agile and speedy player but he is still big, you may think he’s 5’9 or 5’10 but he’s 6’0 tall which allows him to go up and moss the defenders and reach out and make crazy catches. Then to end it off they have another speedy six-footer Quez Watkins.

But my favorite part of the team and maybe my favorite player in the NFL Jalen Hurts the QB. I love the way he plays the game. I love how versatile he is. He’s fast, agile, has a strong arm, and has good vision, just an overall good player. My favorite part is how young he is, he’s 24 and still has so much time in the league. If he can have the longevity of Tom Brady he will be one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL, he has the potential to do it. I can’t wait to see what he will do with his career and if he will stay an Eagle his entire career I think it would be very cool if he would stay with the Eagle his entire career.

I hope the Eagles stay undefeated and become like the 1972 Dolphins one of the greatest teams to ever exist. But I can’t wait to see the Eagles have a great second half of the season and ball out and make it to the Super Bowl and take that trophy home to Philly.