Does Mbappe have too much control over PSG?

Liliana Jamenez

Kylian Mbappe is a professional football player who plays as a forward. He first joined PSG in 2017 with a deal of €180m. At first, he rejected a move to Real Madrid and decided to stay with PSG, in favor of extending his contract with the french giants, which he now is a part-owner of. This means that Mbappe would have the power to select who the manager was and choose the players lining up alongside him. One of the reasons why he chose to stay with PSG as he stated that “ France is the county where I grew up, I’ve always lived here, and leaving wasn’t right”.


Mbappe has also had some problems with players on the team. For example, when they played Monaco, Mbappe missed a penalty kick for the team and PSG was given another penalty. His teammate, Neymar, insisted on taking the penalty, but Mbappe wanted to take the penalty even though he missed the last. Neymar took the shot and scored, but Mbappe did not celebrate with the team after scoring. After that, Mbappe seemed to be unhappy the rest of the match and his demeanor only got worse Kylian Mbappe and Neymar are said to have seen their friendship break down. This is also because Mbappe was the first choice to take penalties and Neymar would be second in line.


 “Mbappé made it clear to PSG executives that when he signed a new contract, he would be the only one taking penalties if he was on the pitch. He wants to become PSG’s all-time leading scorer and pad his stats to make a run at the Ballon d’Or” ( I think that just shows that he has too much control because shouldn’t the manager be making the decisions and not who takes the penalties even when his team won by a score of 5-2 he was not happy for the team, shouldn’t he be happy with his team that they won and their overall performance? Although they are doing really well and are first in french Ligue 1 2022-23. They now have 8 wins, 2 draws, and 0 losses.


Now there has been news that Mbappe wants to leave PSG already Exactly 143 days after signing a three-year deal (two years, with an option for a third) with the club, the 23-year-old has now decided to leave in January, as sources told ESPN. He feels betrayed by all the promises made, but not kept, by PSG when he extended his contract. He feels that above all else, he has been let down by the club. He was supposed to be the heart of the project, though he doesn’t believe that reflects the present reality at the club”(

He now regrets his mistake of turning down real Madrid and believes it was a mistake. Even after being unbeaten and being at the top in Ligue 1, he is still not happy so he thinks it would just be best to leave.