The Origin of Spaghetti

Image via VeganWithGusto

Image via VeganWithGusto

Spaghetti is a prevalent food people eat and enjoy thanks to wonderful Italy, but what people don’t know is the whole origin of spaghetti. Spaghetti originated in Italy by a man named Marco Polo. there are other theories of who may have made pasta first, like the Chinese, or even back in the 5th-century merchants from the Arab. I am going to focus more on the most known and popular belief which is that a man named Marco Polo brought the idea of noodles from China in the 13th century when he came back it is said that he ate dishes similar to macaroni.


Spaghetti noodles are made in the most popular way with wheat flour eggs, and then you shape the dough for rolling and cutting the noodles. Once you’re done add your pasta to salted boiling water with a little bit of olive oil then you then add your tomato sauce and (optional) parmesan cheese or meatballs (also optional). Then you’re ready to eat! Spaghetti noodles can come in multiple different lengths back in the day spaghetti was longer, but now spaghetti is made with shorter pasta 25-30cm to be exact.


68% of Americans eat spaghetti and the country with the most spaghetti consumers is Italy. Followed by Tunisia, Venezuela, Greece, Chile, and the United States. Spaghetti is served at many Italian restaurants and different people like to eat spaghetti in different ways. Some people like meatballs in theirs, others prefer just the pasta itself and others eat it with parmesan cheese and garlic. 


Spaghetti has been around for a long time and one of the most memorable moments with spaghetti is when Lady and the Tramp a 1955 film came out, After seeing that scene many couples would take photos with their significant other, and it was then made as a romantic thing all around the world. 


When it’s time for the holiday season some families usually make spaghetti. My mother like to just make it whenever and she sometimes makes it with spicey meatballs with parmesan and other times she just makes it without meatballs and just ground beef with chopped-up mushrooms.


 The fun little fact the most eaten spaghetti in 3 minutes was achieved by Andre Ortolf who ate 2.09lbs of it. One of the reasons spaghetti is so popular is that it is relatively easy to mass, produce and transport around the world. Spaghetti is one of the most popular noodles in America second is penne rotini. The first spaghetti sauce to ever be recorded appears in an Italian cookbook by Roman chef Francesco Leonardi back in 1790. It’s no surprise that Italians are the people that eat the most spaghetti but what may be a little shocker is that Italians eat around 28 kg of spaghetti per year. Italy by itself produces an estimated 1.43 million tons of spaghetti per year! Spaghetti is a cuisine anyone and everyone can enjoy and you can make it for any event for all to enjoy!l