Why are Live Action Films So Bad?


Image Via Capital FM

Jampier Acosta Gonzalez

We all know of classic Disney films such as Dumbo, Jungle Book, Muzan, Beauty, and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pinnochio, and many other Disney classics. Since the time these movies have been released, Disney as a Company has evolved the way its movies are animated. From traditional hand-drawn animations from the beginning when the company was founded to CGI in 1995 from films such as Toy Story, to now recently in this past decade with the introduction of live-action films. Although live-action films have been a thing since forever ago, with Disney’s first live-action “Treasure Island” being released way back in 1950, they’ve never reached the extent of remaking Classical films, as those are more fantasy-like with extremely exaggerated characters and plots. This issue causes a problem, as fans of classic Disney films dislike the live-action remakes Disney is producing as they’re bad in certain aspects and essentially get rid of the magical feeling that Classic Disney movies had. The first problem in Disney’s live-action remakes is the visuals/designs. What people enjoyed with Classic Disney character designs is how magical they looked. There were tons of magical characters in Disney films, most being talking animals as well as talking objects in films such as the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, cinderella, and many other films. The way they were presented also contributed to this factor, as these films were animated in 2D, which enabled the characters to look exaggerated and full of life. The problem with live actions though is that since the film is taking a more realistic approach, the characters, specifically the non-human ones, look lifeless due to this. This caused the characters that felt magical to not feel like the characters in the original, as the realistic look in the characters made them look expressionless, compared to the original 2D animated characters which looked expressive, vibrant, and full of life and emotion. This realistic approach also affects the way the characters look. A lot of the magical characters look out of place due to their realistic appearance, like the genie from Aladdin, making them look ugly and visually unappealing. Another problem with designs is that sometimes the company will alter the original design, sometimes for no reason, which is annoying to fans. A recent and controversial example of this is the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, as the actor of Ariel, the protagonist of the film, is black instead of white like the original. Yet, people are still disputing why Disney decided to make this change which in retrospect is small and insignificant, but to most is a huge deal worth discussing, not keeping in mind that there are other aspects worth mentioning in terms of realism and how Disney will present the other characters. So far, Disney has produced a total of 19 live actions, 9 consisting of the Classic movies everyone loves so much. With this, Disney is planning on releasing more in the future, possibly remaking every classic Disney film. This stands out to people, as many believe that Disney is simply making remakes of classics as cash grabs, not caring about the quality of the content being put out on such classic films. This says a lot about Disney as a company, as they don’t care how their films are being made and just care about the money, which in some cases has already been obvious to most people. That’s the problem with companies such as Disney, they don’t care about the quality of the content they produce, as long as they get the money they’ll keep producing movies and will do anything to get their stuff out there, and ruin classic films in the process.